Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Zhaitang city sites - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhaitang City site is located in the town of Mentougou District Zhaitang Zhaitang Village, the East-capital, Hebei Province to the west of the Mongolian Plateau Avenue, this city built in the Ming Dynasty, hold Road thoroughfare. City Square was, in Zhang Kuange 1. Wanli in the late Ming. There are things City 2: East Gate City, Taiwan still, the title of the amount of "clearance"; The amount of the door problem, "Ning series." There are 3 of the city east-west streets. Jiaqing 2006 (1801) as a result of torrential flooding river water, washed away in the southern city walls. 1937 fire burned the top floor of the East Gate, West Gate in 1937 the Japanese army was dismantled. Zhaitang Qing Dynasty City is at Qijia Wanping County resident Division, is stationed in Camp Ping Luo City of monuments around the West Village Zhaitang Baofeng Temple, the Temple of Maitreya, the Temple of God, of East Long Zhaitang Temple, the stage, Temple, Our Lady of Ficus erecta palace, MAO Li Ming-fang General Grave, Temple to the north of more than 10 years of Yue Ling Temple, the most well-known.

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