Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ling-chiao before the Scenic Area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ling-chiao before the Scenic Area is located in Zibo City in the mountain city of Bo 8 km south-west of the village along the former Ling-chiao, Tsui area within which rise amid Diego, Feiliudiebao, known as "natural park." By Chaoyang Dong, the Queen Mother of the pool and lake dripping of the three components of the natural scenic spots. Three spots from a tortuous, dangerous Jun Qi fans to connect the valley, on both sides of the rock Qiao up to more than 40 meters, the bottom of a road, on foot or by car or public, such as Li River, the road side of the valley is a stream, so that visitors stop Shanguangshuise praise.

Mount cave, formed in 1200 million years ago, have a stalactite cave in between 20-30 million years. The hole was South Direction, depth of more than 1500 meters, inside the cave peculiar structure, there are hole-dong, the level of different width. Wide-General of 10 meters, maximum width of 20 meters, the Department narrow one side adopted will be difficult. High-general about 3 meters, the highest point reached more than 40 meters, the lower would crawl passage. Inside the cave, stalactite, stalagmite like birds Plastic, blurred fantasy, the Meteorology Series. The "Ocean's 18 toward the South China Sea" and "immortal Pavilion", and other wonderful scenery, stunning. Gurgling water everywhere-wide hole, the air fresh and cool and pleasant, elegant to give a sense of mystery.

Queen Mother of the pool is located in the south of the village before Ling-chiao, is about 1 1 week 0 meters, 2 meters deep rectangular pond dam. Waterfalls pouring down from the canyon, the water curtain hit cliffs, scattered Yin-hua. 7 10-meter-high stone tower falls in the upper left corner, fairy may be lost in thought in the head. Legend has it that in ancient times, the Queen Mother of the lower bound of the cruise, Xianci to smooth rock, Fei Bao turbulent flow, it came to a halt cloud, Tam into the shower, "Queen Mother of the pool."

Qiao Ling lake dripping at the former West Village, Village 5, is an artificial lake, built in the mountain valleys, peaks in the mosaic of overlapping mountains. Long lake overflowed, again and again around the mountain Tsui, the attractive scenery. Visitors can Dangzhou or pan-shore fishing lake, fun.

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