Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Museum of Chinese and foreign wine bottles - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chinese and foreign wine museum is located in Longquan Tengzhou City Cultural Square, Building Design Institute of Tongji University, is designed for Chinese and Western-style four-story buildings with a total construction area of 2350 square meters, fixed assets of 700 million yuan, the Museum's collection Diogenes creator of World Records, the well-known scholar Li Fumin first wine culture More than just a collection of art bottle. The Library has ancient, modern five galleries, the long-awaited set, the Spring and Autumn figures, Jane, and other exotic collection of 15 series. Set the Museum collection, exhibition, research, promotion, design, production in one, is a modern, multi-function museum professionals. It's built Chinese and foreign wine in the promotion of cultural exchanges will play a positive role. Li Fumin in July 1955 was born in Tengzhou City, Shandong Province. Tengzhou City, former employees of commercial secondary school principals, senior lecturer in Tengzhou City, the incumbent deputy director of the National Bureau of Religious Affairs, curator of the Museum of Chinese and foreign wine bottles, "China's largest fine wine "The author, for our present-day well-known art collector bottle, bottle art theorist. More than two decades, arts Jicang 10,026 bottles to create a new world record of Diogenes; advocacy, the establishment of the first bottle of the World Heritage Museum; held a bottle of China's first Chinese and foreign art exhibition; advocacy, the contractor The first national seminar on culture bottle; and "bottles", the creation, publication of "a hundred bottles", "A Better Wine" seal characters Billiton plans, papers, poetry, couplets, and so on.

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