Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Meng Shan Scenic Area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Meng Shan Scenic Area located in the silk town Zhoucun 9 km to the south, away from Jinan, capital of less than 75 kilometers, covers an area of 150 hectares. Hill here alleviate water wide and beautiful environment, beautiful scenery, is an easily accessible, pleasant climate tourist resorts in the region Huguangshanse, Cheng Ying-pay interest, style, the lake Plot for the 5.3 square kilometers of Lake Meng, open water, the rippling blue waves. Meng Shan mountains on land and downs, still monuments, the Temple Meng, Shifosi, such as the famous Temple of The Promise has a long history and many folk legends, in particular, the annual temple fair Meng Shan, the large number of pilgrims, tourists gathered so famous Meng Shan, That was Shandong is one of the four famous mountains. Meng Lake Scenic Area is the set mountain scenery, historical sites and cultural landscape into one comprehensive tourist area, set up in recent years, Meng Shan park, lake beach, recreation center and other tourist facilities, tourist and leisure resort , Tourism, sports and entertainment good place.

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