Tuesday, January 6, 2009

John E cataractes - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lu Township is located in Mindanao in the mountains, 40 kilometers east Zichuan. Castle here, the clear water, blue sky, fresh air and pleasant, is a well-known provincial protected areas and ecological tourism spots. An average of more than 450 meters above sea level, the annual precipitation in the 500-900 mm, the average annual temperature of 11.3 degrees Celsius. John E waterfall Government to leave the northern end of the group of more than 600 meters south of the resident. Scenic north-south elevation over 200 meters. 12 Village along the river long, even the waterfall pond, waterfall pond even, Xiushui Lau Tong Wan Fei Bao continued. Verdant forests along the river, there are other wind-induced. It has the natural beauty of Jiuzhaigou in Sichuan Province, along the six old village in southern Jiangsu have Zhouzhuang classical it. Along Castle Peak area Changeable color mian. Picturesque. Spring flowers Rime sea, the concept of Xia Fei Yu falls, falls Baiwu look at the fall and winter snow Ice goods sector. The main attractions and leisure Department: soil Stephen Great Falls, fishing, Wo Hu Shan Shang Jing, Stephen marsh soil; Osprey, flying ducks, rabbits Ben; Quanqun Zodiac, Liu Song Dynasty ancient stone floor, stone mill Old trees. Quanqun garden pavilion, ring-chuen, Great Falls, a natural swimming pool, boating hu Qin, without island of the three rest, amusement park, Longwan Guanbao Gap, five fishing Lake, Tibetan wild reeds, flowers Valley Heng Fa Chuen, Yan Liu river rafting, Amoy Recalling the ancient stone-meter Bay, Shi viewing, rafting falls source, Lung Poon Chi-yu, and so on. Tel: 05 3-5030333 13054881999 Address: Zichuan District of Zibo City, Mindanao Township traffic routes: from Zibo station by road to a Zichuan, 39 Road interchange (of the West Building of the Regional Traffic) to Mindanao village

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