Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Pu Library - Chinese tourism scenic spots

As the "king of the world's short story" of the literary masters of the Qing Dynasty, Pu teaching and writing before his death, Mr. areas ? ? Pu School, built in 1992 and opened to visitors after receiving numerous tourists to the visual impact. Mr. Shushi his testimony ? ? Library is located in Pu Eastern Province city of Zibo Zhoucun Xinankunlun street, Pu Cun Town Village West Main Street shop. Former all households in the late Ming Shang Shu Yan Bi from the House. Mr. life is a teaching career, in his 32-year-old should be the occasion of completion of the Friends of Friends [Year 1679 (eight years of Emperor Kangxi) to 1709 (Kangxi 48)] of recruits Zichuan District home to open Chuang Po, in the setting up of private school to teach more than set. Kangxi was not until 1960 (1711), Mr. spent nearly 40 years of his career Shushi, the 71-year-old, was evacuated to the account in retirement, taught 38 years in a row of books . In a long 38 years, with Mr. themselves in the future Living in the West Village shop's walls, complete home resident in the Songling College, with the lead time in the well-off ran together, we can say that the West is the shop's second home. This is a rich with ancient Ming and Qing dynasty style buildings. 2 covers an area of 1000 square meters, 765 square meters floor space available. There are great museum Building 22. Eyes looking through the front door hung a black cross on the glossy black plaque, letter, "Pu Museum Sook," the five-Mei Zi Jin UAE, free and natural Rushen's gold-filled characters, and shine Yiyi, who capture the eyes and ears. There is next to the community owned loss tablets.

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