Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Wang Yu-yang memorial - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wang Yu-yang, son of the word truth, No. Ruanting, alias Shan Ren Yu-yang, Shandong County Metro (Huantai today), the early Qing Dynasty famous poet, tired Guanzhixingbu the Book of History. He committed to public service while writing poetry, and poetry presided over the 50-year-old, Emperor Kang Xi had 300 sign their poetry as "Yu Lan" and his poetry, text, the words were dozens of 56 Multi-volume, as a generation of these poems. Wang Yu-yang memorial is located in the town of Huantai County, covers an area of 10,000 square meters, construction area of 2600 square meters. Jhongcin Fort Temple was originally a 16-year-Ming Wanli (1588) in memory of Wang Yu-yang Wang Chung-kwong, the emperor built, more than 400 years ago. The whole group of the Department of Architecture Zhuanmu knot , At the two main span East and West, maintained a typical Ming Dynasty architectural style. 7 galleries for the museum and stone garden. One stone galleries display the country for more than three-stone 185; Wang Yu-yang life galleries, details of Shi and Li Wang Yu-yang up do not recite life. Park is a stone in the temple Jhongcin Kuayuan East on the basis of ancient and Landscape architecture combined with the construction. Park in the Park, set in the King King. Libushangshu the Yuan Dynasty, Zhang Yang San-ho's "Cang cloud", "Zhenyu" and the two countries Taihu Dan a giant stone, "Moon Water Wind" is also on display in the park for visitors to watch. Jhongcin and adjacent to the Temple IV Gong Bao Square, Ming Wanli 1958 (16 9), is the only remaining brick Square, sitting south, magnificent momentum, set in ancient architecture, sculpture, calligraphy and art in one, a very high cultural value. Wang Yu-yang at the Memorial Hall on December 9, 1986 hall opening to the outside world and, in 1992 was classified as provincial-level key protection units in 1995 Shandong Province for outstanding community education base, in 1998 published the first batch of Shandong Province for patriotism education bases. Address: Zibo City Huantai County town bus: 71 Zibo station by road to a new town Tel :0533-8880148 Fax: 0533 -- 880148 Tickets: 20 yuan

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