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Zi bare hill scenic spot - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zi Zichuan bare hill at the north training, Azusa Road, Zhang Bogong bare hill station three kilometers to the east, bare hill Zi Gui hole that is located in this scenic spot. Area of 1,500 mu. In a beautiful scenic spot, Lin You-Valley, famous relics, folk stories, abound, the natural landscape and human landscape where harmony. The incumbent of the Central Military Commission Madam President, the defense minister personally wrote the "Gui in Wonderland" characters 4, to give a high evaluation.

The National Scenic Area is located in Zibo paragraph 205 Azusa bare hill station 3.5 km to the east of the Tibetan Department of Zi Village, covers an area of 100 hectares. The scenic area has been reproduced in the sub-Gui Gui Zi bare hill Lectures and apprentices, dominated the history of the Northern Song Dynasty style and child-chiao, Wang Chung Lau-fong, to the thousand-Yi Yun, the whole area surrounded by mountains, tree-lined, water gurgling, Jade, natural scenery and landscape the text integral whole, Huguangshanse add radiance to each other, red Filled the air, green glazed tile walls, around scenic spots Cuolayouzhi. The main attractions are:

Dragon Gate: Azusa Yamashita children have Broom Hill, the old Wo Long, since ancient times was known as Yang Xiu Xian Feng Shui of the treasure, the first scenic spot into the eye of the Southern North is sitting antique, unique style of Beaulieu door, the door of the West Kowloon have Wall, the magnificent, unique evil, 9 into the dragon Heaven, belch out smoke, and vivid.

  Zi bare hill giant monument: get into the door, the back of high monument stands facing the morning sun in the west side of the door, Cibei eight meters high and weighing 60 tons, spectacular Weiwei, the monument has been recorded from as early as the first Chinese military To the College of Sino-Japanese War, Liberation War A large number of epic heroes, such as: the first underground mine in Zibo responsible for many bright people, the first county Zichuan Yan Xing Tong, Xu Han, such as a national hero.

Gui Quan: Legend has it that the Warring States period Gui Xian Shi here to give lectures during the excavation for the rock-chuen, Mr. Gui years of drinking this spring, the 130 year-round One-year-old, it is known as Gui Shenquan has Shenquan enjoy the reputation as a result of the Stephen underground mineral resources rich in water containing strontium, zinc, magnesium, iron and other minerals and trace elements, long-term drinking can develop intelligence, benefits Yan Ting, Gui Quan Zibo City, the famous monument by the huge book to write a master Xin Sun.

Temple child: Chuihua walking into the door, is the dutiful son Temple, the Temple to the west of dutiful son, 40-meter corridor, the plants grow, and there is addressed to the bend in the middle of the Jiuqu Qiao, the lotus pond under the bridge groups of red carp, Play pool, a pool famous, only nine Safflower Yeh Huai Tingtingyuli, electronic music with a fountain Young gifted array of visitors into the dutiful son Music Hall - child Wang Qiao moving story twists and turns that will be a live show in front of the door. According to the "History of Song" and set records Zichuan, the dutiful son Temple was built in the North Song Dynasty, after the Yuan, Ming and Qing previous repair, reconstruction in 1995. Wang child-chiao, the word shoulder look superfluous, the World . Yong Xi, born in the first year of the Northern Song Dynasty Zizhouzitong Villa. Wang Qiao intelligent learning at an early age, the man Zhixing, courage, both civil and military, Chung is to praise the year 1999 Khitan army of invaders state Zi, Wang Qiao parents and most of the Khitan people have been abducted by soldiers, Wang Wen-chiao After the hearing Bajian to catch up, many times into enemy camps, Health into the death of soldiers to deal with the Khitan several years, travel thousands of miles, can not find their parents, parents with the loss of the invasion of the country, to the king a heavy blow to the spirit of Qiao, Qiao Wang then return home to their parents as burial of wood and Mourning for six years, the mourning period, Qiao Wang summed up by the country invaded, humiliated people and their reasons for the North First-hand experience of tracing, and also dampen the book, there is a "three-side tour", "An Edge 3", "History says 10" and other books, hoping to arouse the attention of the imperial court, to protect the country Min, but court corruption Not accepted, no place to hate the country Choujia done, worried and indignant at the disease into a bare hill of Yin Tsz-base blocks from Central Office said cocoon with a long sword in Bingshu , The Chung Mu later, the temple built by the festival. The Temple Gallery with modern electronic sound and light technology, lifelike picture of the life of Wang Qiao, realistic pictures, the plot is moving Leixia ran poorly, three-step sigh.

Buyun Bridge: After a child Temple, Azusa youngster lake like a mirror in front of people in the show, in Over the water to set up a unique connection with the child Temple Gui wooden temple of the iron chain, the bridge a total length of 50 meters, more than 2 meters wide, cross-over 10 meters from the surface of the cliff between the two sides, to the Department of neatly to Qi 5 recline large chains, wooden floor and handrails on both sides of the zipper has a fixed, as if people walk on the bridge into the chatter You, of the Qing Piaopiao clouds, the distillation of thinking, such as boarding in Wonderland.

Tong Zi Lake: The area of 50,000 square meters, clear lake, the level of the lake as a mirror, Castle Peak Lvliu reflected on the lake, the water lotus Xiaoying tourists, the fish play in the water, boat line flies, tree-lined both sides of the strait, visitors to this fishing , Zhou more Some fun.

Robusta Monument: Cibei 5 meters high and weighing 20 tons, was built in Wanli of the Ming dynasty, according to the research, also known as Cibei no word monument for the eight Zichuan squire to commemorate the millennium of the birth of Gui-old donor, not the Department of words Proof of boundless beneficence, Cibei in-situ redevelopment in 1995, is still the original Monument cap.

Carved porcelain Yingbi long: a Guinness Book of World Records, a total length of 66 meters, the book-Han Li, the choice of building materials Qin Han brick tile, binding with high-quality building materials, construction of the whole modeling flavor, embodies the well-known aspect of China's Warring States period, Yin Yangjia, military, Gui Xian Shi Tao's life 23 dollars a three-volume 8368 words, is to promote cultural Qi extremely valuable documents.

Temple Gui, Gui-dong: Gui is the son of self-cultivation, and apprentices of lectures, and in ancient China known as the first military academy. The tall and magnificent temple, Huangwa red walls, Xieshan corner, colorful brackets Diaolianghuadong, Cinei millet was something fishy about the seated apprentices and a series of lectures to introduce the story. Bai Yumi hole deep, inscrutable You Mi, Dongnuanxialiang. As far as the exhibit inside the cave, strange, different circumstances compact design with the stone, reliefs, frescoes shape of a variety of characters, lifelike, vivid, the use of sound, electricity, light modern electronic techniques, Gui is a sub-array based layout, the workshop Art of War, train and bring up the military Sun Bin, General Pang Juan, the six-phase closure of Su Qin, Qin unified to help the seven countries of Zhang Yi, and so on a large number of outstanding military strategist, political , Deduced the Spring and Autumn Period alliances, Gongfa history of the war. Such as: Sun Bin requested the division out of the house, ai Battle of wits, race Tian Ji, Pang Sun battle of wits, such as the Battle of Maling; harder to study the Su Qin cited piercing cone, with a vertical into the beginning, Jane Su Qin back; Wang Yi's even good ideas, including the seven countries such as the EC. In Gui east of the temple there is an area of more than 10 acres of rock platform, called the book out of Taiwan, is said to Gui-drying to the Bing Shu.

Star Tower: It is a three-storey high clock tower, the area is the highest point of view can enjoy the beautiful scenery area, it is refreshing, the Court placed the top-level security Zibo only antique clock, and that made Zhener deaf sound, Hui Qi of the human world and cleaned up with the numerous worry, Muran changed in a breeding, growth and decline of drift along in life The vague feeling of power, the bell used safely say, had the honor three times, six Dashun voice, the voice of one of the nine auspicious sound encouraging people to strive upward, and forge ahead in unity, courage and hard work, dedication own heart.

In addition, the Jade Emperor, hon Ling Monastery. Legend has it built in the Sui and Tang dynasties, and later repaired several times, temples than Chlamys Tall and magnificent. In the early days Zhong drum, wind around Yunyan, were ready Department, in the stream, shows the bare hill Zi's bustling one, in order to promote the history, culture, to keep track, the right of public opinion, Jizu, looking spectacular in 2094 to be in-situ redevelopment And from Myanmar to take home a rare jade Buddha Light ice more than respect, the small white , And life, respected by tourists.

Wildlife Park: a wide variety rare birds and animals, bears, monkeys, camels, deer, peacocks, ostrich, golden pheasant, snakes, turtles, lizards and so on with the gesture, set for the study of medicinal and ornamental one.

Children's amusement park: a variety of play equipment facilities, There are manned aerial ropeway, it is ideal for pleasure.

Zi Shanqingshuixiu bare hill since ancient times, Lin Mao in a deep valley, over spring water and beautiful scenery and rich cultural, development and construction has now been revealed that the ancient culture and modern civilization intersection of a miracle, really want to deal with the concept of a shopping destination to visit.

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