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Chinese Ceramics Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

China Zibo Ceramics Museum, located in Zibo City Cultural Square, the national AAA level tourist attractions, is the largest and highest grade, exhibits the most professional of all-ceramic museum.

China Zibo Ceramics Museum of the total exhibition area of over 10,000 square meters, to display the sub display and sales operation Most of the. One part of the display sequence, including Office, Office of Integrated, Office of ancient, modern rooms, high-tech Office, the International Office, more than 3,000 exhibits on display (sets), all-round display from the Neolithic culture, so far, after Lee in 8000 to China's ceramic culture , Reflecting in particular since the founding of the reform and opening up, I Ceramic industry the highest level of artistic and latest achievements in the development, as the carrier with ceramic exhibits, a vivid visual display of Chinese civilization with a long history and profound. The theme of the exhibition hall integrated ceramic-painting King, 4 meters high, 30 meters long, tourists stay during which seem to take much time and space shuttle train in ceramic art from over Hyundai into the future course of glory.

  Hall of ancient flavor, a collection of many valuable national relics, ancient treasures include more than 450 pieces; Modern Office, the Office of International simple crisp, renowned contemporary Chinese master of arts and crafts, ceramic art works on behalf of the United States, Britain, Germany, France, Japan South Korea, Hong Kong and other countries and regions famous potters of the total work of art of more than 2600. Set of popular science, and fun to participate in one of the Office of high-tech ceramics, using sound, light, electricity, and the actual situation as to simulate a combination of modern technology to display a comprehensive display of the new ceramic materials in space, military, environmental, life Branch , Electricity and energy in the field of six-to-date R & D results. The main part of the business operated by the Department of ceramic, porcelain painting and calligraphy auction hall, leisure Taoba composition.

Zibo Qi is the birthplace of culture, Chinese ceramics is one of the five major producing areas. With a long history of ceramic production in China has an important role. According to historical data in mind And archaeological excavations have proved that as early as 8000 years ago before, "Li Culture" period, the Zibo area began production of ceramics. In the early Western Zhou Dynasty, Qi before a special "Tao is" official, the management of pottery production, and Qi in the city have set up pottery workshops, to engage in specialized production of pottery. Wei, Jin and Southern and Northern Dynasties around the black The region completed the production of ceramic pottery from porcelain to the transition. Tang and Song Dynasties, pottery production techniques become more refined, have been expanding.

Chinese ceramics that you visit the museum will be an in-depth understanding of the Zibo Ceramics 8000 years of splendid culture and the latest developments in Zibo Ceramics achievements. Of the Chinese nation has a long history of civilization and knowledge will be a distillation of quality. Expansion of sites spread all over, and gradually formed a feature of Zibo, produced a number of influential brands of ceramic, porcelain kiln Walled Village, the village of magnetic and the Blue and White Porcelain kiln, the kiln Mount strangulation and child were both ceramic and so on 1:00 noise. Ming and Qing Dynasties, black Ceramic-based products, heavy, unique decoration, booming production and sales, formed the Mount as the representative of ceramic production and sales center. After the founding of New China, the Zibo Ceramics inherit and carry forward the tradition on the basis of skills, based on local resources, exploration and innovation, has developed a porcelain-like quality, high-long porcelain stone, quartz high-quality porcelain, bone And other new types of porcelain ware, porcelain carving art is unique, created a new feature of Zibo Ceramics, daily-use ceramics, art ceramics, industrial ceramics, building ceramics even with the development of products that are sold in more than 70 countries and regions of our country The production of ceramic technology and ceramic arts has made due contributions.

Chinese Ceramics Museum located in Zibo City exhibition hall on the third floor, display area of more than 4000 square meters. At present, is the largest display, the most complete varieties, displayed the highest level of modernization of one of the ceramics museum. Show from the Neolithic culture, after Lee has more than 8,000 Since the discovery of Zibo, production and collection of various types of more than 2,500 pieces of ceramic products (sets), which exhibits the ancient 249. Hall sub-district foreword, comprehensive exhibition, exhibition of ancient and modern, contemporary galleries, ceramic art district, ceramic products and advertising sales area most of the seven areas.

  Ancient ?????exhibits in the lotus statue dates from the fifth green-glazed, glaze rain in the Song Dynasty, tea at the end of enamel, porcelain fetal twist, such as porcelain powder bar Zibo Famous ceramics as well as the Longshan Culture eggshell pottery of the Song Dynasty and Qing Zhi Ying pot, set Kiln bowl, Ge ware bowl, and other rare treasures. Exhibits of modern art and uses different sub-style building ceramics, garden art Porcelain, sanitary ceramics, daily-use ceramics, art pottery, modern pottery, porcelain and engraved several Ceramic high-tech most of the classified display, demonstrating porcelain of Zibo and the highest level of artistic achievement. Ceramic art in the area - "Lithuania", the audience through on-site hands-on production, be able to enjoy a taste of the fun of ceramic art, Strong perceptual knowledge of ceramics culture.

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