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Fire Danzhai - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Danzhai fire in the southern part of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region in Xiji County, because of its mountain of a dark red, especially in the shade of trees, round and round like a burning flame, so named Danzhai fire. Every spring and summer season, the proliferation of flowers fill the fields, colorful, bee Splendor Love vitality. In the sparse vegetation, is also growing Cucu bamboo, mountains and rivers in the north to the south to add a little pretty. Danzhai fire in the area of hundred miles, the distribution of many large and small peaks Wu Li, of which there are well-known sweeping range of bamboo, Stone Temple Hill, Hill Zhaobi and so on, particularly the most unique natural Shicheng. Danzhai fire Shenmi is not only natural scenery, there are more than 10 caves built Service It is the same strain of Sumeru Grottoes.

Zen Buddhist temple located in the caves Xiji County Fire Zhai Xiang Yaocun cicadas, and their Guyuan County Sumeru linked to the Shan, also known as the "Sumeru Hill Zen Buddhist temple," as Zen Buddhism in the Tang Dynasty sent down the Holy Land.

Cutting-made caves in the steeple of a pagoda The Shi Feng, Shi Feng, about 120 meters high, as if the days of barbed spears, vacant walls, the strange anomaly. If the peak climbed, the clouds floating in the air at the foot. Shi Feng things caves existing 10-hole, remnants of wall paintings, stone carvings, such as Xu Mizuo. One of the biggest grottoes in the 15 meters from the peak, Cheng Chang-topping-out party, the local population for the clay statues Zun. Shi Feng in the second half of a grotto deep and 15 meters, 4 meters wide, 5 meters high, can accommodate more than 100 people inside the cave. Qi rocks around the main peak of caves or the rise of the air or fall Valley, the different patterns.

Ridge Grottoes is located in a broom Xiji county, 15 km north, fire Dan Zhaixiang 5 km south of Feng group, as a result of the mountain on the growth of bamboo broom to do so named, also known as "Yuntaishan", "Wudang West."

Here verdant forests, clear water, in particular the strange tall rock to give the "landscape of Guilin". Xianzi mountain air, the wind is quite color. Broom ridge surrounded by the main peak can However, it was the northeast corner stone chisel can be climbed, the magic of the natural landscape in the mountains and into the humanities building. Yu Huangge, permitted, Buddha Temple, Dian Niu, 30 caves, and so porous Wanshou Palace in about 330 meters east of the Shek Pik, Kushi more than the topping-out ceremony for the rectangular, round dome roof. Large rectangular permitted deep M, 6.1 m wide and 5.45 meters high. Grottoes in most of the statues had been destroyed, the remnants of stone Xu Mizuo, shrines and murals. More complete stone as 4, the largest is the height of 4.8 meters, 4.4 meters abdominal circumference of Oliver. There are caves within 3 copper statue of Buddha, one for the Northern Wei Dynasty too when Tuoba Shou (424 -- 52 years) created; the Song Dynasty is the second gold Buddha statue, 46 centimeters high and weighs 18 kilograms. Ridge caves cut a broom when there is no historical data to verify if the copper statue of Buddha is not a forgery, which is very likely that in the cut of the Northern Wei period.

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