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Qi Old City site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qi Linzi District Old City site is located 7.5 km north Xindian Zhen, according to Zi East River, the west line of water for the capital of the Zhou Qi, the capital of the Western Han Dynasty when King of Qi as depicted as a rule, which lasted more than 1,000 years. In 1961 the State Council for the first batch of national key cultural unit from the Old City, two small city, big city near the North-South 4 5 km from east to west, about 3.5 km, the largest city in the southwest corner of a Small Town, the largest city into the north-east of Xinan Yu, 2 km long from north to south, west width of 1.5 km. Two city with a total area of approximately 15.5 square kilometers, about 21 kilometers week. Most of the Old City walls have been obliterated on the ground floor, as a result of a small number of earth-moving river and And no signs of erosion, are the only remnants of some of the rubble as a reminder. By the cultural relics research drilling departments, city walls as early as on the existence of the Western Zhou period, the Spring and Autumn and Warring States Period, when many patches of the Western Han Dynasty. Rammed earth from the Department of wall, built in accordance with the terrain, do not take shape in a straight line, there are 24 at the corner of the existing 14 intact. 727 perimeter of a Small Town M-wide wall 20 to 30 meters, 67 meters up widest point; city of 14,158 m circumference, wall-wide in more than 20 meters or more, up to 43 meters widest point. ?? According to the "Let's remember," set, Qi Town Gate 13. The history books are seen at the door Yong, Shin Mun, Jan door, the door millet, Lumenshan, Zhang Hua Gate, East Gate Lu Wide doors and so on. But did not remember the exact location, it is split later said that he is relatively sure that there is Simon Shen door, the door Yong; East Gate have wide doors. 11 is now proven, yet small town in which 5, 6 cities. Yue Mun Road in the span of more than 8.2 meters and a maximum width of up to 20.5 meters. The city's roads are structured 10 roads have been proved, in a Small Town 3, 6 to 8 wide-General meters and a maximum width of 17 meters; big city 7, 10 to 20 meters wide-ranging. These roads with the same Shing. ?? Qi Old City is a small town living monarch, also known as Miyagi. In the north-west there is a platform compactor, local - "Huangong Taiwan," Qi is the platform of the palace building, the existing 14 meters high, on the ground floor platform Rammed earth was rectangular, 86 meters North and South, East and West 70 meters. "Huangong Taiwan" around a large compactor and drilling platform, is estimated at the time of the palace ruins. This site accounts for almost half of the town square, this yields a square Paving brick patterns, and the brick pattern Wadang roof. In the southern town (in this peaceful village) is a crafts area and found that Mint "Let's law," a site, the site of Iron 2, a copper factory site. ?? is the largest city officials, civilians and businessmen living in the area, also known as the city profile. A lot of hands on workshops This cloth has been found in the large city ruins iron 4, a copper smelting site, a mint site, the site of bone-4, Qi was the most important areas of the handicraft industry. In the largest city on the ground, there are also a number of architectural platform, was the King of Qi as depicted construction of the Imperial Villa Villa, there are "snow palace Taiwan", "Wu Taiwan," Trent Taiwan. "Big two in the city cemetery, a city in the north-east (Yatou this village along the river), Qi was the nobility of the cemetery have been found in large and medium-sized tombs more than 20 blocks in the Tomb of 5 Around, and found martyrdom of a large-scale Ma Hang. Also in the South (this FORMATION Liu Shao homes in Southern Village) is also a cemetery Is the period of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty tombs. ?? in the big city there Ling Han, Wenshao Confucius, Tsukamoto Yan Ying, Ji Xia Xue Gong, and other sites. Han Ling largest city in the north-east, is the legendary Han Qi time to build this palace. The existing site was basically a square, 4 meters above the ground, surrounded by 3-step. After drilling, culture 3 to 4 meters thick, inclusive from the late Western Zhou Dynasty to the Han culture of accumulation of 4 to 5 layers. And live, iron, copper, and so on-bone relic of the city is the cultural accumulation Guoqi it first, the thickest and most complex. Ji Xia palace on the school building is now no deposit, and its location vary, "Linzi County," said Qi as the Chengji Gate City South Gate; "Let's take," said Qi as the Chengji Gate City, Simon, "Liu Xiang was recorded in other," says: "Let's have a door millet, Simon is also a city of Qi, outside school, that is, Li Xuan Wang is also the school, it's known as Ji Xia School. " In 1946 in the west wall of the large circle Department of Justice village stone digging a side letter "Ji Xia", after the whereabouts of the monument no.

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