Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cangjie tomb - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Cangjie tomb is located 12 km northwest Yucheng Village Xibei Yu heap. According to legend, the historian of the Yellow Emperor, the originator of the text Cangjie buried here after death. Cheng Yuan-shaped dome of the existing Metella, more than 3 meters high, the circumference of 45 meters. The tomb of a temple, hall 3, the Qing Emperor Kangxi for four 916,659-Yucheng county magistrate in this section to build. Hall, who had a plastic Like Jie, after the waste. Dianqian 1952 Emperor Kangxi of the new legislation there is a single stone, incised "Cangjie ancient tomb," 4. East Side has two towering Cooper. Temple Court was "convex" shape, is now the primary occupation of Cangjie. For the protection unit at the county level.

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