Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Yiyin tomb - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yiyin tomb is located in Yucheng County, 22 km southwest of the village of North Wei heap. Yiyin name Zhi, soup and file out the summer power, respect for the A Heng (prime minister). Tom's death, outside the calendar and file C Zhong Ren, who Taijia exile. There are, left, and other articles. After the death to the emperor buried in the ceremony. Old cemetery covers an area of several mu, the temple mound before, as in the plastic, and repair history. Tsukamoto 3 meters high, the circumference of 46 meters. Qing two tombstones. There are big tomb of Chow Cooper 183, of which the southwest corner branches and leaves like a bird, commonly known as "Sapium." In 1978 have unearthed the tomb of the West, weeks, the Han Dynasty pottery. In 1984 the tomb of rehabilitation like building next to spend a Xilou. For the protection unit at the county level.

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