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School Kong temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Kong temple is located in Changyuan County Hall, 5 km north of the city's rural school material over the East Village, released in 1978 for the protection unit at the county level. As far as "Chi spots" set: "Xi Confucius and itself, you recruit disciples IV (Lu, who hold fast to Ran You, the public and West China) this string of Deng Xiaoping, Gu Yue Kong University. "

  Future generations Kong, the temple was built on as a memento. The temple was built in the Han, Tang, Song Sheng gradually, by Bing Huo Yuan-free survival, tomorrow, three-shun (1459) reconstruction, the Ming and Qing dynasties tenth amendment several times, gradually become a large-scale North Henan Ancient buildings. Its main building are: lattice Star Gate, Dacheng Hall, the ancient altar pavilion, "the spring breeze, Rain, "the second-ting, tang, and other studies. Xingtan the existing kiosks and kiosks Xingtan, Xingtan Beiting and the Ming and Qing Ke-6.

Confucius (551 BC to 479 BC in) 000 Hill, Confucius words, the Spring and Autumn Period Lu ap corner (this Qufu, Shandong) people. Song is his noble ancestors, as a result to avoid mixing with, Lu home. Confucius studious life, proficient in ceremony, music, radio, Royal, the book, "Six" in the political ideology to defend slavery, that "benevolence" and "ceremony." Confucius lack of juvenile and youth had a minor official, when 55-year-old Lu has done great Sikou. And as a result of hand real power of different political views Jihuan Zi, Confucius Qi Guan Walk, to lead his disciples to start traveling. He went to Wei, Lu Zheng, Song, Chen, Cai, Chu and other countries in an attempt to politicize be ideas, but not by the monarch national attention. After his education, specializing in books and the preparation of preparation works, ancient China's private education of the pioneers. Hall, the post on the temple Confucius in the lecture to defend the country.

School Changyuan County Kong temple in this city of 5 km north of the city, after the man was here to give lectures to commemorate Confucius built. Tang and Song Dynasties large-scale, destroyed in the fighting in the Yuan Dynasty, tomorrow Shun-year period (1459 AD) to re-build, and then amended several times, the main building is the star lattice door Dacheng Hall, Xingtan booths, the booths, study hall and so on. Great hall from the pink-gold, Fu Qin and Confucius of sitting as both sides stand by Zhong, who hold fast to Ran You, the public and four disciples of the West to China. Most of the building had been destroyed, is the only ancient tablets and kiosks Xingtan-6. Xingtan booths are located in the middle of the temple, built on the platform of 2 meters high, flat Was square, Pavilion 6 meters high, 1.40 for a sharp save Huiwa (with a small amount of inter-glazed tile) roof, supported by 12 wooden pillars, the corridors outside the building, there is Tingzhong Xingtan monument-1, 1.99 meters high monument, wide 0.77 m, the top part of a tablet Zhuanshu "Xingtan", and the shapes of the Confucius Temple in Shandong "Xingtan monument," the same. Other important Tablets "Monument impact through"-2, a "Changyuan County Gang refurbishment school in mind," the monument; as a "Gang refurbishment Confucian school," Monument for membership in the Ming Dynasty Bingbushangshu Changyuan, Shanxi Ancha Shi, Li Bu Shang author. The whole temple covers an area of 1200 square meters, ride south, the towering pine and cypress in the hospital, Hanyantucui, excellent view, commonly known as " Tan Pavilion "," Eight Changyuan ". Now, after a temple Gang refurbishment of schools, in order to start a new look to welcome visitors of the Quartet.

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