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Shangqiu Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shangqiu City, Henan Province is located in the eastern part of Shangqiu located to the east coast, briefly West Central Plains, north of Qilu, South Jin Jiang, known as "Yudong portal" that is an important distribution center for goods and the eastern and western China Office areas of convergence.
Shangqiu is the birthplace of one of the Chinese nation. She has a long history Renjiedeling, splendid culture, extensive and profound. As early as the legendary Five Emperors of the times, Zhuan Xu, was in the Ku Timor capital. 16th century BC Shangtang out here in the summer of the establishment of the Shang Dynasty, Northern Song Dynasty (960-1126 years) had as a Capital. A long history and splendid culture left to the large number of human Shangqiu King . Was built in 1511 in the ancient city of Shangqiu, the outer side in style, to preserve integrity, and Yongcheng Dangshan Mountain in Shanxi Han (202 ? 8 years ago) with Capital Cities Graves is listed as national key protection units. Dangshan Han Jin Lv unearthed jade clothes in the United States, Singapore displayed a strong sensation. Liangxiao Wang tomb, Hill cutting of the tomb mound and into the large-scale, stunning, the tomb murals by experts as "Dunhuang Manuscripts ago." Shangqiu is the ancestral home of Confucius, the hometown of Zhuang Zi, Confucius Temple in return, Zhou, and other relics in the cemetery is away. From west to the east of the old course of the Yellow River scenery and beautiful simplicity, is also open mind of God .
Shangqiu is the source of fire. As early as 1 million years ago, here in the Sui Renshi invented artificial make fire, create a new era in the history of human civilization, as the fire was Suiren Shi ancestors, the main Shangqiu fire. Sui imperial tombs have been erected on the land in Shangqiu.
Shangqiu is the first and made the commercial Manner. As early as 4 years ago, Princess Di Ku times as a result of Mr Kan-sheng and stop eating Xuanniao Bo, the "Song-poem business," says: "Xuanniao fate, while the business down." Wide primary business is the ancestor. Bo Sun's wide territories with the invention of the first carriage, six Wang Hai Shi Sun has invented a cart. This is what the history books, "Building on the soap in prison, serving Ma cattle to the people "The records.
Shangqiu Renjiedeling. Here is not only a large number compared to the emperor, and the emergence of a large number of politicians, thinkers, strategists, writers and artists, scientists, etc.; here not only appeared in a number of special contributions to the gifted scholar, and emerged from the profession's Women and heroes M. This is the ancestral home of Confucius; Zhuang is, Mo, women's Hometown Hero Mulan; is Sima Xiangru, Han Yu, Ouyang Xiu, Yan Shu, Su Che, and other literature to our Huanyou; Datang is Zhang Xun's The Valiant Ones To the martyrs; is Li Bai, Du Fu, Gao Shi, Su literary giants such as unlimited long for the Feng Shui treasure. Shangqiu many places, spread all over. Here are the first in the San Juan Sui imperial tombs, to commemorate Confucius Taiwan's gentle, green hills of the tragic love Taiwan, Taoist Master Tomb Zhuang Zi, there are three picturesque hills of Taiwan, the famous group of Han Shan Mountain, Women have heroes to commemorate the word magnolia, hand-Yan Zhenqing Shenpin entry of fasting, there are four Central China temple, one of the Baiyun Si, Fan Zhongyan study of college days, the Ming and Qing Dynasties of the Yellow River "water of the Great Wall", there are wonders of the world, "gossip city", Hou Fangyu strong regret Church House, There are world-famous ruins Liang Yuan, papaya wonders Park, West Pei villa, South Wind Park , With Gan Lin Shen, a charming landscape of the old course of the Yellow River; There are more than two years, Liang Yuan Furuki, Zhang Fei, Zhao Kuangyin Shuanma the tree ... ...
  Shangqiu of the strategic location, very convenient traffic. Beijing-Kowloon Railway and the Longhai Railway, 310 and 105 national highway in the crossroads of Shangqiu, from the East-West Link, from South North of the gold-shu traffic button. Zheng business and across the highway from Shangqiu, around the ancient city of Shangqiu Highway Route 9-of ease of access network.

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