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Oldies Geopark - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Oldies Geopark is located in the south of Taihang Mountains. Huixian City, Henan Province Bali territory, an area of about 34 square kilometers, 25 million years ago is a geological formation Shanbengdilie odd sites, scenic areas in order to Yixian Tian, columnar peak forest, Tianshengqiao, steep as the main body, staggered ditch, Taiwan, surrounded by cliffs, Fei Bao Artesian Bore Baths and quiet stream with Tam Embraced the South Pacific has a line of unique geological landforms and Oldies Park. Oldies Geopark in Henan Province is located in the territory of Huixian, the South Pacific line of turn-side arc, so there is "when Kazuo customs, Fumo million opening of" wedge-shaped pass, so-called eight-track line of three. When the appropriate clearance sunset, shot Zixia, shiny glory, Guan Zi Xia said. This Prior to the Spring and Autumn begins, as the Ming Dynasty, Guan has been in the history of the military will fight for the fortress, which got its name and Oldies.

Oldies Geopark River from Pangea, Huashan, all three major scenic spots Bao-dong, west border of Shanxi Province, Shek Mun River to the east, south from Piedmont, north Bali Gou, covering an area of 34 square kilometers It is a stone pillar to Lin, Yi Xiantian mainly Tianshengqiao, supplemented by cliffs, the valley to cross, surrounded by cliffs Taiwan, and the stream You Artesian Bore Baths Fei Bao Tan Cheng Hui matched to the geological characteristics of the landscape type of geological park. Huixian City administrative divisions under the jurisdiction of the town of Bali.

Park with the outside world to facilitate the traffic flow is from Rural City 40 km, 60 km east of the city of Jiaozuo, Zhengzhou City, 100 km north. Coke (for) - Hui (county) road from the south through the park, there is direct access to the Park Avenue. A tourist park up the road in each area, the park is more convenient traffic.

Oldies risk-hung spectacular landscape, since The South, more than 1600 meters from the Sun Yat Sen in straight sets and, with the North China Plain intersection directly in front connected to form a whole giant peaks, deep-hung its trend of non-comparable Tai Yue, the shape of Jun Ji Hua Yue contend with. Plain from the north, too like a huge rock where they stand, East-West Cross-Island extension of more than 20 kilometers, more recent concept of momentum pounds , Awesome heart.

Landscape Gallery, Shanbengdelie landscape, ancient monuments, such as mining, the typical geological relics, as if this constituted a record of millions of years of evolution Cangsang walking dictionary, they are a lot of information and evidence and accurately reflects the customs area's geological development The evolution of the landscape and history. At , We can not only enjoy the magnificent mountain and water scenery, but also insight into the power of Shanbengdelie, that the working people of ancient mining wisdom, so that only one of its wings do not know why natural scenery tourism, sublimation To a higher level of knowledge of popular science tourism.

This is known The halls of the landscape here is a gallery, here is a treasure of art, here is the marine vegetation. Oldies landscape with surprising Yixian Tian, Tianshengqiao, Lin pillars, stones, cliff, mined ancient, natural cave, and other forms of special geological landscape colorful, Artesian Bore Baths Fei Bao Pan River, the river You Bitan, the Beach map Wen, and other water Landscape is more attractive fine. More than 1,000 kinds of plants and animals, or plants, beautiful verdant; rare bird or beast, wandering the forest; blend of landscape, dependent spirit, both Airbus and pulling force, and the magic of the dangerous state, hung in the show with , You-qi and white, like a shaft of three-dimensional landscape painting scroll.

Oldies is a superior natural conditions, geological tourism resource-rich geological parks, it's natural scenery resources, with comprehensive, diversity of characteristics. From the mountains, water, vegetation, animals, and other components of the system and Oldies complete system landscape. In the whole of the various local, have a high scientific and aesthetic value .

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