Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hill alliance - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhouwu Wang Shan alliance at the Walker County, 16 km east Xinxiang, adjacent to the new Coke Road. Walker ride to Xinxiang, Jiaozuo to Xinxiang, Xinxiang Wu Zhi to the various bus, the alliance between Walker Hill area that is to get off. Hill Alliance for the division cutting the rate of previous years Zhouwu Wang Zhou, Makino areas are to be held in pre-war League of oath-taking Taiwan, history Records for the soldiers holding feudal land of the closure, that is, "Shang oath, animal husbandry," the Patriarch of the oath, but also Wang Jun Makino, held in the War of the existing surface of the only material evidence.


  Its rich cultural layer, to test for the Longshan culture site Shangzhouwenhua, Henan Province is a key cultural unit. "Feudal Yanwu field "Well lords", "Zhouwu Wang Chi Yin Ma", "Jiang Taigong Review Taiwan," and so on monuments and relics of the Hill (Tan) linked to dependency, intertwined to form a retrospective war Makino King, Xungu Probe into the landscape through the ages.

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