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Chen Sheng tomb - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chen Sheng is the tomb of China's first leader of a peasant uprising of Chen Sheng tomb, located in the northeastern city of Mountain Wing Dangshan peak south of the West. Metella of the existing 5 meters high, 50 meters long week. Around the walls of buildings which have Qingshi, high-top, under Xu Mizuo, Guo middle of the book inscribed, "Qin Mo peasant uprising leader Chen Sheng's tomb." Chen Sheng-related words, City, the first year of Qin II (formerly 209) imposed by the Tuen Mun-Yu Yang Xu, Yang and Wu were in the summer of Qi County Rural Daze cut wood for the soldiers, Jiegan for the flag raised for the first time in the history of Chinese peasant uprising banner. Chen at the county (now Huaiyang) Zhang to build political power, massive, Baoqin shock. After the uprising failed, the driver was killed Jia Zhuang, Lvchen will also cut Jia Zhuang, Chen Sheng Qianzang in Dangshan Mans. Chen Sheng initiated by the Western Han Dynasty's Fan Qin Gong, when the emperor for home-related Shou-30 mass graves, their tax-free fatigue in order to protect the cemetery, after the gradual abolition of the Eastern Han. In 1975, renovation repaired with State funds, to provide 4000 square meters, the tomb of masonry Wai, Bai Zhi-song set, Chi Shou-person graves, Provincial-level key protection units.

Chen Sheng to Dengfeng, Henan, who peon. In 209 BC, he and Wu Jie bar uprising, and raised the banner of Fan Qin, the establishment of China's peasants power of the first - one for Zhang, Wang Chen. After the loss as a result of the war, the father of the city under the back, the driver was killed in Jia. For a long time, Chen Sheng Lvchen his men took over the city and then kill Chen Jia Zhuang, and Chen Shengan buried here. Chen Sheng buried Dangshan Mountain, "Historical Records" and "Han", "Shui Jing Zhu" has a clear record, and this position fits cemetery.

  Chen Sheng (? - 208 years ago), the characters involved, the Yangcheng in the Qin Dynasty (now in Henan Dengfeng county) people. II, the first year of the Qin (BC 209-year) in July, led by Wu and his 900 porters to Yu Yang (now Beijing Miyun County) Frontier, Su County line to Daze Township (now South East Su County in Anhui Province) rain delay. At that time, according to the decree, the delays were cut. As a result Chen Sheng, Wu Ze in the villages, "as the soldiers chopped wood Jiegan flag for the "uprising, Fen-arm called" the world will respond to the cloud, "Suo Zhi Yi-jun, the masses" and win food from the King ", Gongchengluedi, Shirupozhu. Uprising military occupation of Chen County (now Huaiyang County, Henan Province) established China's first regime, a farmer, Hao Yue: "Zhang." Chen Sheng was support for Wang. Legitimate military force the peasant uprising Qin Xianyang victory ever, due to internal Yijun from entering into a dubious nobility, combined with a strong counterattack from Qin. Chen Sheng is also the father of soldiers under the city (this Guoyang County, Anhui Province) Jia Zhuang driver was killed. "Therefore, Wang Chen, General Juan who Lvchen soldier for the military, from Xinyang, under. Kill Jia Zhuang Chen Chu to resume, buried in Dangshan Wang Chen, Yi said, 'Hidden King'. "(See" Mirror ").
  Mang Yang Chen Sheng buried on the mountain, there are many historical records. The authority of the geography book, "Shui Jing Zhu," also wrote; "Shan Chen Sheng have to see chaos Qin, Qin Bing Fa in the first, missing mou end fees, Dangshan dead buried." Chen Sheng as a result, Fan Qin Guang the first intifada, in its Under the influence of the uprising after Liu Bang of the Han Dynasty set up on each year to the festival, such as Zhu Yang Chen Sheng, and in accordance with the treatment of the nobility were 30 mass graves Ding Shou-service. As of today, near the Yaocun Ding Shou was also recognized as one of the descendants of the tomb. Chen Sheng, when the Eastern Han tomb is no longer protected, Huainan people of the Northern Song Chen Gang Tangshan Mountain has seen a "fox-ming Chenshegufen bad, the best air Liang Shishi." On the eve of the liberation, Chen Sheng tomb is the last remaining vestiges. 1976, the State Administration of Cultural Heritage special funds to repair the tomb Chen Sheng, the same year on May 1 to Mr. Guo Moruo tombstone inscriptions.

  Chen Sheng-hung magpies-minded ambition iron railings Ge Jin Gallop battlefield, touched Jiang Qin, who after the death of Castle Peak burial for thousands of years people still respect, I Buwang generation of heroes.

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