Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Jiang Taigong Hometown - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jiang Taigong hometown, located 15 km north-west city urban Department. BC in 1210 and third lunar month, Jiang Taigong Hui was born in the village of Tai Gong Quan Lu. Jiang Taigong also known as Lu Tai Gong, who Sasser, Ziya words, bears, flying. China's Western Zhou Dynasty, a famous statesman, military strategist.

This is legendary Thick historical figures, the name alone, many name such as "Records of the Historian written from dozens of tables set up," recorded in his name: Tai Gong Wang, Lv Wang, Zhou Wang, Lu teeth Lvshang, Jiang Wang , Still hope, hope that the division, Jiang Gong, old ginger, and so on Lu. Jiang Taigong Chiang's native place was a big tribe. Stephen Tai Gong in 1995 Turkey's tombstone in the Tang Dynasty, had a record of the original Stephen Tai Gong "Jiang plateau."

According to the "Bamboo Annals", Jiang Taigong die, "Wang Kang six years" on October 20. 139-year-old throughout the year. Hui Quan Tai Gong buried. Stephen Tai Gong has retained many of the territory of Jiang Taigong of historical sites, which are more well-known : Jiang Taigong tomb, Jiang Taigong Temple, the Temple Jiangtai Gong, Jiang Taigong Lvwang, and so on.

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