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Temple dry - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Taishi dry Yin Temple is located in Henan Province, China Hui City, seven kilometers north of the city, from the tomb of dry ZHOU Wu Feng and Wang Keyan, so far, more than three thousand years, the temple was built in Northern Wei Tai 18 (494 AD), as a result of Li Miao tomb. Covers an area of 44,000 square meters, the main building there Zhaobi, Mountain Gate, 2, Fang Wood, Bei Lang, Bai Dian, Hall, Shihfang, tombs, such as booths, row upon row, has its own characteristics to the surrounding wall Zhu Wai Wan, Ko pay Cooper, the stele forest, and dry in the south temple there as dry stone, Shinto, of St. Paul, the environment deep, is the world Yu Lin and dry descent Festival Ye sons and daughters of the Holy Land.

  Dry, sub-family name, Yi Ren Mo (now River North Province, Hui). Yandi Yi was born in the Rat-seven of worship (1092 BC traditional Chinese calendar four early April), 32 Tiger Di Xin Dong Si King Zhou was killed on October 26, throughout the year (1029 BC), 63-year-old. Tang praised the "public Valiant Ones", is a politician and try to improve on the court. Dry - Public, Zhou Wuwang Ci Xing Lin, Lin's too dry to become ancestor.


  Temple dry stele hospital buildings, there are more than 100 buildings. In particular, Emperor Xiaowen of the Northern Wei Wang Tuoba "on the dry text of the" monument, in 1963 as a key provincial cultural relics. This is a set-literature and calligraphy of the high value of the stone treasures. Text Dry praised the "far more than his daughter Jane Wu Xi, Emperor Bao and more than" patriotic festival parade. Ancient stone collection containing many, Luoyang, Longmen and twenty-par goods.

Year in 1917 and 1934, Lin has twice sent representatives to Hui Ye Festival, to be re-construction of large-scale, the creation of "great national essence "Dry promote" people-you-ching, who addressed in the Road ", said Jia. Henan provincial government in 1963 included in the text of a number of key security units in 1996 included in the national heritage unit. Since 1993, Hui City held dry for the birth of Activities 3085 ? 3090, there have been 6 countries and regions in more than 60 groups, and tens of thousands of descendants of Lin Hui Xungenwenzu in domestic and foreign tourists, and tourism. In recent years, with finding the "root" and the rise of the tide of tourism, the city's Hui Municipal People's Government at all levels to mobilize units and extensive public financing, construction of an integrated, brand-new outlook at home and abroad to meet YOU Lin and their children visit.

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