Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Longgang site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The site is located in Longgang Township Suixian Polygonum embankment north of the village of Zhou Long, the higher ground, 300 meters long from north to south and 200 meters wide things, the cultural layer of about 2 meters. Excavation of 1978, found Huikeng 6, Tao Li disabled, ceramic pots, pottery, and so on. Longshan culture for the lower layers and found Huikeng 6, Tao residual embarrassment and a number of cultural heritage . And collected some of the Shang Dynasty cultural relics and 2 during the Yangshao culture of painted pottery piece. Huikeng with pottery, stone, bone, clam shells and animal bones, mud mixed with grass, Hong Shaotu, and other pieces of relics. The unearthed pottery, clay-based Hui Tao, Tao of sand, mud as part of the black pottery, polished black pottery and small terracotta mud. Another found "Eggshell pottery" film. The main decoration for the patterns baskets, Check side, the cord chord pattern, decorated with hard steel hole. Forms include deep pot belly, ding, rice pot, small, bowl, pot, and so on. The site is listed as provincial-level key protection units.

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