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Scenic Bali Gou - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Bali Gou Huixian located in the scenic city 25 kilometers north-west of the Taihang Mountains Shihmen trench, the area covered by forests 90%, more than 1100 kinds of plants, there are seven insurance scenic valley, 36 Qi, there are many strange mystery of Sense. Tribute here's the essence of the Taihang Mountains water, odd collection, insurance, Jun, the show, in a secluded valley Is a tourist destination since ancient times. Ji Kang Jin, Fan Song Dynasty, Jin Yuan, Xu Heng Yuan Dynasty, Yu Qian and Meng-yang Li Ming dynasty, the Qing Dynasty, Sun Quan, and other famous people throughout history have left many in this beautiful poem. Niu Shou Zhen Yuan Dynasty poet Chan said: "Shimenshan show color, true-scenic spots. Mindanao risk prone Tigers, spring drama Dragon. Buddhist temple Doo-stone, high-pile Yunyan shot. Kwame King Island off Peng, do not have a pot of days. "Meng-yang Li Ming Dynasty poet, said:" Hugh Hanoi boast Pan Sheng, the city has also Shimenshan. "The main attractions here are San Tan, the three niche in the Shihmen Reservoir, Yao Jia Fen, Bali Gou Great Falls, monkeys more than 40 nature reserves and so on. In 1990 in China Lin experts to study this, that in the original Bali Gou your area, the United States in natural, said Cijing "Asia-way."

Bali Gou of the mountain, Bali Gou water, or even the Bali Gou every stone has aroused the curiosity of the world. Today, the area has become a Bali Gou many avant-garde, fashionable tourists Often yearn for an earthly paradise, Shangri-la. Bali Gou Fat in the area south of the Taihang Mountains, at the junction of Henan, Shanxi and Henan Huixian, the mountains here, the water here, are suffering the traditional Chinese culture, bathing, but tens of thousands of years lived in the mountains of the world is not known, although only from Zhengzhou 120 kilometers away from Luoyang only 16 Km, only 130 km away from Kaifeng, only 140 km away from the Shaolin Temple.

Bali Gou five scenic goods (five items include: Ancient Italy proudly Shan Temple, Hongyan For peach drop Bay, clear spring stream flow, sheep, Wonderland Piaomiao Hongshi River, Xi Lian Yi Xiantian people of God), more than 150 scenic spots, in the north Very See the group falls. Drainage only waterfall, waterfall curtain, ditch Falls waterfall, and so there are more than 100 large and small, is the only one in north China's population falls. King Bali Gou main river Hongshi the most talented of the clean water, matched red and green, colorful, picturesque Ming-li, as a result of 1100 meters above sea level as the "Taihang Tianhe"; boarded the Jade Emperor Peak Mount Taihang, East view of the sunrise, sea of clouds Seomang south of the Yellow River Vision 9, North Shiqianfeng access to competing show.

The restaurant inside the hotel area were built Yishanbangshui, Qin and Han dynasties for more antique-style building. Resort shade in the forest belt, were a small stone farm house, outside of which has been able to rid itself of high-rises City restraint, taste himself Shangri-la, like, "I do not know the Qin and Han, Wei, Jin, regardless."

No. 1 Bali Gou goods: Ancient Italy proudly Shan Temple

Temple Hill Office many years ago there was a temple, dedicated to mountain, land, have destroyed old, but especially names kept. Many around the mountain, Jun grand, grotesque, and endless fun. And then a mountain, like a old, after the draft hair, chest Cangran Gone with the Wind, is the team, which is "Lao sermon." Wong Tai Shan Temple shrine is one of the main attractions. Can see that the Taihang mountain cliffs, tall and straight in a critical situation, in-line roller, a magnificent view. Here there is a natural Boulder, you can worship. Imperial shrine to the north at the top of a deep valley, the gentle landscape, also known as "Nu Wa Valley."

Bali Gou goods No. 2: For Hongyan drops of peach Bay

Peach into the Bay, surrounded by mountains and rivers here, the charming scenery, the mountain is covered with peach, peach blossom in full bloom spring, and Hongyan wishes to drop So called "Peach Blossom Bay." As the far mountains in the late spring, Huakaihuaxie than foot of the mountain night. Tang Dynasty poet Po Chu-i "on earth do Fangfei April, the Peach Blossom Temple began in full bloom," this is a good story. Xiantao when ripe, fruity overflowing, covered with branches, crystal bright, sweet and delicious. Bay peach Waterfall through Jingying . "Baodu Falls ditch," Sophie if Qingsha.

Bali Gou goods No. 3: clear spring stream flow to the sheep Chau

Great Falls to visit Bali Gou two paths to choose one is above the road formation, and the other is a newly built trail. After parking, the Goudi from the forward of the bridge can see the flow , Its winding streets, Bieyoufengwei. Goudi large waterfall Tam, Tam is Wu Buyi, a ten-step waterfall. Longtan disk is a pit, stone dam in the large number of quite charm. Lake south of a stone in the growth of elm, strong growth. There are a large lacquer tree, the sap can paints, but toxic, can cause allergic Zhanshen. "Wo Niu "Valley of static trench quiet, like entering Wonderland. Groove is coming to an end, Fei Bao just listen to thunder and saw a Bailian appear out of the blue, its magnificent potential, not its face and its voice heard early. Bali Gou This is the area's main attractions -- - Great Falls Bali Gou.

Bali Gou Falls from 1,500 meters above sea level, since the flow of Shanxi The entry Hongshi River, between 170 meters and a maximum width of more than 20 meters when the most hours are also 5 meters. The river flows through the deep canyon with, literal-minded rock cliff, rolling Kuanglan, Pentium bluster, Fei Liu down to form a sensational wave, Chien Zhang in straight sets, tremor cliff, the bottom Hong Lei, deafening, Savaka few years, shock A few meters high into the sky and the water spray, such as floating clouds piled snow Baiwu diffuse; Yousi Galaxy was spilled, Bailian vacant. Falls as a whole, dressed in white like the fairy Xia Fan, jasper stand before the screen, it is born, floating in the air, the whole Sunian extinction.

Bali Gou goods No. 4: Wonderland Piaomiao Hongshi River Hongshi he got up at the end of the Bali Gou Ya Shang, a source of Shanxi, 20 meters in width, 0.6 m deep, 1,500 meters above sea level as a result, it is also known as the "Taihang Milky Way." Deep valley, the water gurgling, the smooth formation along the river, Cuoluoyouzhi flow of red stone. Cave has a natural river, 000 Blue Dragon . Dog days in Liangqiqinren. Cidong continue to spring all the year round, transparent color, unscented, no impurities, including a variety of health benefit from the wide range of trace elements. Valley has a huge rock, stood under the Shek Pik listening, you can hear the gurgling sound of flowing water, or people's voice, "Whispering Gallery." The north side of a mountain valley, spring Out from the rock fall, such as jade beads, it seems like needle line, a string, and his line, named "Zhenzhu Quan." Finally, there is one attraction of a huge mountain, From a distance, such as Guanyin of the South China Sea, near a stone to see the two separate stone, "Yin line."

Bali Gou goods No. 5: The God who first Xilian This is the last Bali Gou scenic spots. Following the formation of the newly built mountain road back, we can see in front of a mountain in isolation. A roadside viewing platform, different Qi Gu, panoramic view. Since then, to sheep to the state to crack a high of about 200 meters past the village repair a winding trail, Wan Qu Shen, looking like a dragon, hovering in the mountains Weiyi, the "Pan-long ladder." Yixian Tian spots, cliff and straight, like a Daopifuxue split from a stone, is very narrow. People come from, look at the rise of days, only to see the sky line, named "Yi Xiantian."

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