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South Lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lake surface area of 1200 hectares. Rippling blue lake throughout the year, Yajie quiet, more than Lakeshore Beach, Harbor twists and turns, "Long before nine turtle" shape the landscape, is now listed as protected areas in the province of its natural beauty and international dragon boat field.

South Harbor, Hubei has a population of the construction of the ancient San Yanqiao Bauhinia embankment built in the middle, over the past several hundred years, the Bauhinia Yueyang embankment leading to the outside world was the only sea access.
  More and more South Bay branch, Harbor twists and turns deep, clear lake water cleaner, a small island in Lake Zhili, the group shore of Lake Luan ups and downs. The south bank of a mountain, shaped like a giant dragon, called Yongsan, the provincial capital of its natural beauty District and Holiday Resort. Yueyang annual Miluo River International Dragon Boat Festival that is held here, and boating on Lake visitors can enjoy the boundless Temptress Moon. Built near the center and resort hotels, cruise ships have all kinds.

  Very beautiful scenery of South Lake, West Dongting pass, drive south mountain, Kameyama, E-Gold Hill north, white crane , The lake spread interlaced, in between back stack, which rise amid, Bo Ying Feng Jing, abundant amenities. Lake of the middle fish, offshore banks of tea, delicious fish, tea Xiang Xin. As a result, since ancient times, has become South Lake boating civilian goods to drink fish, tea poetry of the best places. Tang Yue when relegate Yuezhou, often called a lot of writers in the lake to sing . Li Shi Xian on Lake Qingyouduzhong like he's Yin Chu, "South Lake autumnale smoke-free night, multiplicative-resistant flow straight to heaven." Dongting buy on credit and on the moonlight, the ship will be buying white Bian "is simply a living Dan-Qing paintings. " And the "water free to mirror, the Huaping move around the cloud," Bai Miao is even more direct way to praise South Lake. San Yanqiao at the East Lake, 40 meters long, 12 meters wide, 15 meters high, Bridge Guchen years. San Yanqiao repair at the beginning of the Song Dynasty, the last time to repair (in 1875) is also 120 years ago. Snail in the mountains east of San Yanqiao, Tomb of the Book of History, with the San Yanqiao repair the Ming Dynasty 000 Shang blunt side of the tomb, left, "Shang Shu Fang penance 3 car," the story.

  Mi-country sites in South Lake on the east coast, Ben Zhu left the remains of walls. Mi-Xia States is the oldest in the world, often ancient verse, and Yong, Wu Sheng-ching, such as "Mi-Autumn floating States, Xiang Jun Shan Chung-ming on" sentence. "Nine out of a dragon tortoise" refers to the Longshan Mountain and the King together. In the southern bank of Lake, the former Yongsan nine independent island (that is, Kameyama), to form the picture as if to catch up with the stop in the nine turtles, the "nine out of a dragon turtle," named Cijing.

  "Nine out of a turtle skin disease" with the landscape, "nine out of a dragon tortoise" The same causes, Hill toad skin disease at the export of Hunan, the squat toad Zhuangruo, followed by nine islands comprising Kameyama, looking canal even came, tortoise, this will form a nine to catch up with a plunging the scene.

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