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Zhuzhou Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhuzhou, Gu Chen Jianning, in the year 214, three Soochow Jianning located in the county. Zhenguan the first emperor of the Tang Dynasty, into the Xiangtan Jianning. Ancient times, a number of trees carlesii, Xiangjiang and had more sand, the Zhuzhou, also known as Chau Castanopsis. Southern Song Shaoxi the first year (1190 AD) officially named as the Zhuzhou. Zhuzhou, Hunan Province is located in the east, East longitude 112.6 � - 114 �, latitude 26 � - 28 �, Hunan Province, is a "little line" with an important regional economic city, the province is also the most prosperous country in the long line, Tam "Golden Triangle" corner . Zhuzhou has a unique geographical advantage. Here is a sub-sub-tropical monsoon climate Four seasons, rainfall, solar thermal sufficient products in the territory rich in resources for the well-known township of non-ferrous metals, Zhuzhou is China's largest transportation hub in the South.

Zhuzhou has a long history and glorious revolutionary tradition. The ancestor of the Chinese nation, the farming culture Founder of the Yan Emperor Shen, Zhuzhou sleep in the territory of the former Yanling Xian Lu Pei.

Zhuzhou, and when the Xiang River channel, Tongqu North and South, between the ages not only lost heavily, for travel through the. Fengliurenwu, news stories, reference-generation, historical sites, resorts revolution, over the Bu Xiang, Lu, Mi water Foreshore.

Ancestor of the Chinese Shen Yan Emperor's mausoleum in the southern part of the territory of Zhuzhou Yanling Xian; the Tang Dynasty poet Du Fu in the last two years of his life, the sick Guzhou, two back Xiangjiang and South, leaving more than in the first poem; Qinv Zi Tang Dynasty, Eye hero who know Hong Fu Tomb of Kyi in the territory of the Zhuzhou Xishan hills, a famous general Yue Fei of the Song Dynasty Shuaijun via Chaling when gunpoint to pick Root He wrote, "Stephen Light," the words inscribed in the impressively high-Shek Pik on Long; Daru Zhu Xi in the Song Dynasty to the two lectures Zhuzhou, "Zhu Ting "And because of his name; the Ming Dynasty Great for the traveler Chaling Yunyang Shan Xu, Ling Yansi, leaving a hole cannabina Part diary, a note of Zhuzhou's famous water-sheng; University with a disability in the Ming Dynasty, Li Chao Li Dongyang 50 years, he represented the "Chaling School," home "Chaling" name engraved forever in the annals of the history of Chinese literature.

Zhuzhou, in the history of the Chinese People's Revolution, but also a glorious chapter in the. Chaling, Yanling Ling County, the original) is the Jinggangshan revolutionary base an important part of Mao Zedong, Zhu De's first meeting in 10 Yanling Xian's all; red for the first time the branch on a company basis, Mao Zedong personally presided over the Red Army soldiers to join the party Ceremony in the Yanling Xian outlet; since the approval of the new Mao Zedong established the first Jinggangshan Red-class political power is Chaling County government workers, peasants and soldiers; Mao Zedong personally chaired, to "withdraw Wai Changsha, Jiangxi Hui Shi, Jian Gong Qu" significant decision-making, the American writer Smedley has been referred to as "Mao Zedong and Zhu De to take a life One of the most significant steps, the steps to reverse the Chinese revolutionary movement in a serious Machine, "the Red Army on the one hand, the General Front Committee meeting, held in Zhuzhou City Association for the original bridge Xu Feng Chang Choubu shop. In the liberation war, to defend the people of Zhuzhou Jinggangshan revolutionary base areas and the Hunan-Jiangxi Soviet Area, in order to liberate the motherland, fought , The heroic struggle of the tens of thousands of outstanding sons and daughters who have lost their lives, can write a Weeping may chapter.

Yanling dominates the city of Zhuzhou, Chaling, You County, Liling City, Zhuzhou County, five counties and cities and Lu Song, Shi Feng, Hawthorn, Tianyuan District, as well as four state-level high-tech industrial development zones with a total area of 11,400 square kilometers, of which the urban area 450 square kilometers. The total of people 3,700,000, of which the urban population of 700,000. After the establishment of the People's Republic of China, Zhuzhou into the southern industrial city: New China's first aero-engine; the first electric locomotive; the first top-carbide hammer was born in Zhuzhou. Machinery, metallurgy, chemicals, building materials for the Zhuzhou the four pillars of industry. Zhuzhou, Leading domestic product has more than 50, the first in the nation's output of 11, the first in the country's exports account for 9, the nation's first-rate technology, production lines are 8, has been States Gold product quality 4 , 35 silver medals.

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