Thursday, February 5, 2009

Great Mountain National Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hunan Yueyang County Mountain National Forest Park located in Yueyang, Hunan Linxiang counties (cities) at the junction of Tai Shan, a large screen Fau Shan in Shanxi North Branch, since ancient times for the southern scenic spots, Dong Tian Tao, Chi said that circled 72 Feng, 911.1 meters above sea level.

Great Mountain Forest-leisure, summer tourism, religious worship in Body. It presently dominates to 1180.6 hectares, of which the core area of around 340 hectares. Planning for the Hall of founder and Hall of Zhenjun two spots, 48 spots landscape. There are a variety of plants in the mountains 16 Section 35 is a 1230 kind of, fern, bamboo shoots smoke, such as green bean dregs sp more than 20 kinds of ancient rare species 12 There have been 28 temples, is now open to resume the approval of 6.

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