Thursday, February 5, 2009

Beijing Grand Scenic - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Beijing is located in Zhuzhou major scenic areas in the suburbs south-east, 15 km from the urban area, Zhuzhou Yandi Ling is the starting point for tours.
Beijing is a major scenic spot in hill, water, forest, with birds of Health and co-prosperity for the main features of the natural landscape with extremely Sheng Ming and Qing Dynasties of the main temple ruins of a combination of cultural-tour, resort, entertainment One tourist destination, Beijing 2400 acres near the lake water.
Sianfong Ridge area at the Seoul-water lake, the three major scenic ridge screen, with "Kingland temple," "Valley Stream Music," "good landscape Office" and "birds of heaven," the four-level scenic spots, "Sianfong Sheng Jing "ten second spots," Qingquan Shuangjing " Ten three-level scenic spots, different scenery, holds a leading position. The establishment of the area years ago, a new Lake Resort in Beijing, the Beijing Villa, Zuixian Lou, Xifeng Park, Beijing and a series of lake-food restaurants, entertainment, holiday, the meeting was one of the reception center, built Sally White Road, Sin Po Road and travel around the part of the road.

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