Thursday, February 5, 2009

Shen Nong Valley National Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shen Nong Valley National Park: To Yuen Tung National Forest Park, located in the middle of Luoxiaoshanmai Yanling Xian, with an area of more than 23,000 hectares, as a result of Shan-ching, mountain quiet, the United States and stone, close and praised Lin, 2002 Approval of the State Council for National Nature Reserve. The preservation of our parks are the only remaining East China, Central China, South China pay Primeval forest area, the million-yang River on both sides of the air in the negative oxygen ions per cubic centimeter of more than 130,000, most of Asia the most. Park a total of 215 vascular plants are 2019 kinds of Section 896, of which state protection 74 kinds of wild plants; a total of 25 heads of terrestrial vertebrates 70 Section 212 , In which state protection and 29 species of wild animals, 19 species included in the "Endangered Species of Wild Animals of the International Convention on the Protection of Trading."
In September 2005, approved by the State Forestry Bureau, Hunan Yanling Xian Yuen Tung National Forest Park officially changed its name to "Shen Nong Valley National Park," so that the However, the name of the area and the Yan Emperor Shen human landscape in the title towards reunification.

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