Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Hong Kong tower - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Cheshire tower at the southwest edge of Dongting Lake, for the masonry tower, pavilion-style, seven-story octagonal, 39 m-high, the lower part of a five-storey tower with granite surfaces to form, with all the brick masonry tower. Since the second, four on each floor are equipped with small shrines, a total of 28, was originally planned for Kannei small statue of Buddha. Yan Jiao Zhong each set of small, micro-wind , Ding-dong sound. Unfortunately, the tower was solid and can not look to board Dongting scenery. Cheshire construction of the tower, passed a moving story: the ancient legend, there Shuiyao Dongting Lake, then all the damage from the regular people, ordinary people suffer. So we raise capital in preparation for repair of a pagoda in the town demon. In place of repair laws tower , Is home to a family, the whole family Shuiyao the National People's Congress have been filled with the Elang engulfed, leaving only a widow, Cheshire said. She heard that the tower be built in the town demon, and for many years down the savings that come out to donate all the money, but also around the clock to build the tower was Shaocha water, running back and forth. Unfortunately, not completed tower, she left the people . To commemorate her people, the tower named Cheshire tower and the tower next to the construction of the Temple in Cheshire.

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