Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dragon Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dragon Park is located in Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province section of downtown - Road construction, Bei Yi Xiang River's beautiful scenery, the entire park covers an area of 483 mu, of which 271 acres of green space, 123 acres of water surface per?????are 100 million people Above.
Calocedrus pines in the park, YE Mao thick sticks, plants Du Fang Yan, Tinglangqibu, many pavilions, Splendor Yanfei, Jade; Ben Bangshui Yongsan river, the towering peak Dragon Pavilion, Fei-Zhou Xiang River, such as weaving, the landscape has embraced win a hand, the high view, the best scenery of unlimited admission Fundus, it is thousands of reverie, nostalgia favorite, Yiyi weeping on the artificial lake, ocean waves, Chin Casino Man Wu Song, Seoul ya warm, the children's paradise Mentingruoshi, abnormal excitement. Park also has inertia block, bumper car, coffee cup, wind horse, track aircraft, cruise ships, and so on. And a large variety of young and old have the necessary recreational projects, to stimulate innovative, reliable and safe.
Park is the largest of the characteristics of the park Organically integrated into the construction of the natural environment, the architecture achieved a high degree of coordination.

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