Thursday, February 5, 2009

Tieshan area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tieshan scenic spots by the Tieshan Reservoir and the Mountain scenic spots and attractions Acacia Hill, with a total area of more than 140 square kilometers. Tieshan Reservoir artificial lakes to the main attractions, accompanied by numerous islands, mountains, historical sites, natural scenery. Yang Chun March, the flowers boating, fishing in water; Yantian June, the water swimming, to avoid Yang Xin; October autumn, to watch fishing, viewing high; Layue winter, plum view of the snow, shooting hunting. Its natural scenery there are six characteristics: First, the range. Reservoir water 328 km length of coastline, 6.24 million mu of the water, on fields, Mao Tian, the Kaohsiung branch of the three river in this together, the red cross Bay up to 1268 Second, a good climate. Reservoir around the mountains, numerous plants, water conservation, climate regulation, to make it year-round spring, the summer tourist resort; island is more than three. Library spread all over the island, a total of 147, of which the largest island Loess Hill area of 4220 mu; Fourth, the United States and the scenery. Treasury range upon range of hills in the region overlapping peaks Chuangu deep, the mountains like Lo, as with Lake View, Wu Hai Shan cigarettes, possession of Ginna Tsui; here, the odd flower show grass, green trees Shan-ching, waterfowl Yamahana Jin Lin Cheng Fun, blending blue mountains near the tree; if spring Winter boating, steam fog Xia Wei, complicated and confusing, as if exposure to Penglai fairyland; if to Long Day landing, relaxed and happy, Yuebaifengqing Enjoy the beauty of your water; five water quality is excellent. Treasury green water thoroughly, bright and clean as a mirror, like sweet Qinrenxinpi Mannan, the national testing agencies, was designated as a drinking water are now available for the city of Yueyang water; six spots is more. Bank "really Wu Yi Mo" and "cut Longtan anger" and "chicken-Feng Zheng-ming" and "Sin stage "Emperor Love" and many other myths and legends and historical sites. East Acacia peaks in the first Baling Hill attractions, and its steep peaks, hanging Quan Shu-Shi, very spectacular; North Yue are provisional at the junction of two major city attractions Yunshan, circled peak 72, Temple 28 Weiwei, incense never . The area surrounding a city surrounded by four counties, echoes from the Barry, however, the reservoir of them live alone, with the momentum of the grand British Zhang Ming Dynasty adjacent buildings. "Old" and "water" one, unique.
  Tieshan Diaoyutai State Guest House is Tieshan scenic tourist sites, which is located in the middle reaches of the river Maotian, south-level forest parks, large Taoist Holy attraction Mountain 17 km, From the ancient buildings in the Ming Dynasty, "the village of the best in the world," Zhang British 28 km, east of the public hot spring field 9 km, east, "the first peak of Baling," Acacia Hill 25 km scenic spots.
  The existing hotel building 5, the construction area of 2300 square meters, room facilities, affordable high 40 rooms, 10 beds 000, 2 small conference rooms, hotel restaurants have a luxury box, which can accommodate 200 people dining in a banquet hall, there could be 60 to receive the tea water and a song and dance hall, a fishing pond 3, 3 the size of cruise ships, is Set meals, lodging, fishing and entertainment in one place a comprehensive travel services. The Hotel Its dedicated service, honesty and credibility to attract a large number of tourists,?????more than 60,000 people. At the same time, as a result of the Tieshan Reservoir do not have to fish artificial bait, natural growth, in order to let visitors enjoy pollution-free, odor-free, hormone-free, delicious meat of the green Tieshan fish products, launched the "bighead carp Tieshan" series features meals .

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