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Chengshan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chengshan Scenic Area is located in Rongcheng City, Shandong Province Gracilaria Island town, eastern end Chengshan the mountains. This is the Qin Shi Huang said, "at the end of days" and therefore got its name: Chengshan. Chengshan an elevation of 200 meters from east to west 1.5 km wide, 2 km long from north to south, covers an area of 2.5 square kilometers. South Korea across the sea and only 94 , Is the easternmost point where land and sea, to see the first sunrise at sea, so as the "Sun Kai or place", "China's Cape of Good Hope."

This is the Qin Shi Huang said, "at the end of days", 75 km from Weihai. As a result of Chengshan located at the eastern end of the range named after. Chengshan Sea surface, then a land, and South Korea across the sea, only 94 sea miles apart, China is the most eastern end of the junction of land and sea, known since ancient times, "where the sun rises", "China's Cape of Good Hope" The said. Here continuous green peaks, vast blue sea, cliffs Wei-ran, snow waves, the magnificent, is the rationale for The summer resort tourism. The main attractions are the sea donkey Island, Temple Shi Huang, Li Qin Shi, al-Japan-Taiwan, Qin remains of the bridge, Hai Ting Wang, Guan Tao House, Stone Town and Safari Park, and so on.

  Chengshan is considered to be Japan since ancient times by God to the UN. According to the "Historical Records" set: Jiang Taigong Zhouwu Wang agreed to help The next, in the worship of God on Sunrise, repair on the main temple; 219 BC, 210 years of the First Qin Emperor, your visit to this place twice, the famous temple ceremony, the search for eternal youth of medicine, left, "Qin Bridge Relics "," Li Qin Shi "and" shark Radio Taiwan "," Shi Huang Temple, "Li Si and hand-written" Tianjin Tou, Qin "Monuments; 94 BC, Emperor Liu Che Tour East Sea, al Chengshan on the main temple and watch the sunrise, Hill built concept, and red for wild song.

  Chengshan since ancient times is the battleground, the three countries, Sui and Tang dynasties, the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Bingshi have taken place. Sino-Japanese naval battle that shocked the world of Halo Battle of the Yellow Sea, took place 10 nautical miles east of the Chengshan outside surface of the sea. Northern navy patriotic generals on Deng Shichang martyred here. In recognition of Deng Shichang oath with a total of warships to the survival of the heroic spirit, Emperor Guang Xu Royal Secret Inspector inscriptions, posthumous title, "Armstrong Day", Deng monument has been preserved in the imperial temple.

After the founding of the party and state leaders Hua Guofeng, Hu Yaobang and Zhao Ziyang, Wan Li, Qiao Shi, Peng Zhen, Tian and so on, as well as domestic and foreign writers, artists have this tour. Comrade Hu Yaobang was also personally wrote the name of the "Tianjin Tou," and "an upsurge of emotion," the bracket digit.

Three Chengshan Sea, land and then a green peaks while cotton, blue ocean wave-ho, Weiran steep, snow waves, the magnificent million, is an ideal summer resort tourism. In 1988 was to be approved by the State Council as a "state-level scenic spots."

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