Sunday, January 4, 2009

Croucher Hill - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Rongcheng recline in the southern Yellow Sea, 100 km from Weihai, cool roof peak 539 meters above sea level, even as a result of peak 9, Dai, such as its color, it is a "9 Iron Hill fell trees." Croucher Hill fell 9, Wei Wu Li-feng, towering Junba, matched mountains, magnificent, have since ancient times, "Cable Shengjing." Croucher Is an important birthplace of Taoism. According to historical records: Jin Dading years, Wang Chongyang to the East and apprentices, Taoism was founded Quan-Zhen Religion, East Wangchu Yi Mou, Yang Yu word on al-dong Wang Chongyang haze Kunyu Mountain Division for the exercise Road Act, the creation of a Quan-Zhen Religion send Kunshan, a doctrine known as "light cloud" and a lot of sites that will remain. Later, Guang-dong Department of visitors on Fan, Yu Yang over the disturbance, was moved to the top cool, in a north Shek Pik on the thousands of real drilled holes and continue to practice law Road.

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