Sunday, January 4, 2009

Fan Gong Park Pavilion - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fan Gong booth at Green Island Park, 300 West outside a small basin of the Great mu, including the former residence of Li Qingzhao and Ting Fan Gong, Yang Lake, Yongji and pier full of scenery, such as kiosks, where low-lying, tree-lined, Nanyang River flow through During this period. While here in town and only separated by a wall, but is located in the basin, climate , Dongnuanxialiang, not freezing cold winter, without heat of summer, the temperature difference of 3 to 5 in the city, is a unique tourist destination. . 2002 Queen (1050 AD), the "world's first and worry about the latter enjoy" Fan Zhongyan famous for the government when the Green Island, Green Island in the vicinity of a popular " Eye disease ", spread quickly, to that end, Fan Zhongyan personally Shui pharmaceuticals, non-payment, will soon put an end to the Plague epidemic, people are not grateful. Just at this time, the Nanyang-spring water has poured out, and clean water, Sweet and delicious, affordable drinking is Pharmaceuticals, people thought it was the moral Fangong moved heaven and on the name Liquan. "Son of Stephen and on the construction of a pavilion, Fan Gong gratitude later, they" Liquan, "called the" Fan Gong Well ", the pavilion called" Fan Gong Ting. "Fan Gong as a hexagonal pavilion, an open-top hole, and up and down Jing-quan The relative, the Pavilion of wood under the stone pillar, and style. In the face of the post engraved with a Couplet: "Well Lai Yun Zhao Min Yang-infinite, inexhaustible source of the world, Sir David Lau-fong." Tung Ting-yin temple there are three, three of worship for future generations to know Qingzhou, Fan Zhongyan, Fu Bi, by Ouyang Xiu's Fan in the middle temple, built in the Qing Fan Gong from in the near future, the rich and OUYANG Ancestral Hall Guzhi Ancestral Hall in the west of Jian Baoshui Side. Are built in the late Ming Fan Gongci move around "Three-yin temple." Fan Gong Ting Tang hospital a few catalpa trees, Songhuai, although have lived for thousands of years, but still Climb vitality. On the south side of house, planting thousands of Bamboo Pole, this group appears to be the oldest building more quiet elegant, dynamic. Old trees, next to the bamboos, and erected a stone block, or the ages of Inscription cherish the memory of the sages. Fan Gong Ting out the door to the north, through shade over the small bridge about 100 meters into the former residence of Li Qingzhao. China's famous Song Dynasty poet Li Qingzhao and her husband Zhao Mingcheng stone of Jurists, living in Green Island for 14 years, collected a large number of valuable books, calligraphy, stone objects, wrote the famous "Golden Recorded "30 volumes of poetry and many of choosing fame.

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