Sunday, January 4, 2009

Weifang Campbell Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Weifang Campbell Park is a tourist's comprehensive large-scale amusement park. Shandong is located in Campbell trade zone across the business, the Civil Aviation Airport west Weifang, east on State Road 206 Road, Wei Zhou, a unique geographical advantage. Shandong Group, Jinbao since August 10, 1996 start-up Campbell park, built at the same time Campbell Hall, Campbell and Campbell bus travel agencies, has received more than 100 million visitors, of which overseas tourists received more than 10,000 people. Campbell Park with a total area of 400,000 square meters, into entertainment, watching, stimulating and participatory as one. Rich folk customs, unique style garden. Entertainment areas, ecological You tourist areas, suburban areas of agricultural tourism, leisure zone 4, most of the good tourist sites. Park has played the smart guy that streams down, the cable car, 10 minutes of the century, Central Park and more than 120 trams, and other entertainment attractions, there is Gimcheon Temple, Kim Soo-lake fishing to stay down to watch, and other centers of leisure services facilities, hotels Campbell, Bao travel agent, Bus Campbell, you can come to study the best tourist services.

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