Sunday, January 4, 2009

Um, Shihfang - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Um, Shihfang Anqiu city, located 35 kilometers southwest of the town of Om Om on the village. Dynasty light on behalf of the nine-year (1829), is on the village of Um wife Maruo Yu Wang Xiao-built section of the Square, for the most extreme of the stone carving art of architecture. In 1992, the Shandong provincial government as a provincial-level key cultural unit. Shihfang sit east of the West, high pass about 15 meters, 9.35 meters wide and 2.55 meters thick, as a whole by the huge number of pieces of limestone base from overlapping, tight joints, an integral whole, magnificent. Originality of artists of different objects were used bas-relief, high relief, Toudiao, Yuandiao art and other means, fine-blade , Beautiful images. Place the entire top 12 vertical ridges, each of the vertical angle of the ridge, in the lower part of both engraved with a view of the head leading a total of 36. In the second floor of the inscription below, there are 4 homophonic auspicious blessing images of animals and plants. In two columns in what both sides are engraved with a lion Yuandiao, brave bold, shape Differences in the high base of the cornerstone on. In short, the entire contents of the Shihfang are numerous, complex and not arbitrary, primary and secondary public that the appropriate arrangements. Is not only an ancient tall buildings, but also a variety of carving techniques of organic combination of technology is Maria. "Place goes for the world, apart from Yanzhou is on the Um," This is a Minyan Upper Um Of the community.

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