Sunday, January 4, 2009

Tien Hou - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tien Hou Temple is located in the town of Rock Island, and South Block area, for the three-structure of the temples, the unique layout of the strict, ancient spectacular style. Since the 1991 opening, visitors. Tien Hou Temple in China, many can be seen fishing village. According to legend, Tin Hau Lin Yan Dai for the prime minister, living in Hong Kong and Fujian virtuous Kamata, The father of Lin Fujian South is willing, so that the inspection of Quanzhou, well-off. Song Taizu build-up in the first year of his mother on March 23 gave birth to this woman, as a result of the full moon does not hear the sound of crying, named the "silent." Seven-year-old Lin will be able to know the context solution, there are 12-year-old Taoist priest Xuan Xuan Wei to teach her magic bullet. Lin, 15-year-old that day, his father and older brother to the sea To the wind and waves, weaving in her eyes closed when all of a sudden, Soe hand, foot bamboo look abnormal. To wake her mother, the shuttle landed, she said, "my father was out of danger, brother Shen has been the sea." The next day, find out the facts as fruit statement. As a result, she said to God regardless. 28 years old lunar calendar September Ninth, she bid farewell to the crossing Zhongjie Mei Meizhou Island peak, people have heard the faint sound of music, see Choi flew, she disappeared. Late Ming and early Qing, Shanxi, Wang Hong Tong County, Germany, in the Qianlong in 16 years to build the Tien Hou Temple, the palace is divided into three, then along the Jiaodong one of the larger temple, was reported pilgrimage pilgrims flocked to have Popular Who was away. For the protection of monuments, to spread national culture, early in 1991, Rongcheng people to invest 500,000 yuan a day to repair well after the floor of the palace hall, the door, Xi Lou, Hall, today, hospital colorful stones were carved to attract many visitors Watch for another new King Ishijima

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