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Lake Qingyun leisure park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Anqiu City Lake Qingyun leisure park is located in the city of Anqiu City, North, with a total area of 800 hectares (600 hectares of which the lake is the largest in Shandong Province artificial lake), according to the State AAAA tourist-class standards of planning and construction, relying on Paradise Wenhe Natural landscape, pay attention to ecological protection, all embody the "people-oriented" The idea to big water, forest, grassland, Golden Beach co-Wai is a set of tourism, leisure, fitness and entertainment as one of the large-scale, comprehensive water features high-grade tourist areas. Taiwan has a customs area, botanical garden, the beach, eco-wet areas, fishing center, water park area, water sports area 8 holiday villa features large area. At present, Taiwan has been completed and customs areas, botanical gardens, the beach, eco-wet areas of the four spots. Park and pleasant weather, abundant vegetation, beautiful scenery, Shuitianyise. Rippling blue waves, sand gull Xiang Ji, sun, sand, boat raft through, and constitute a picturesque lake Qingyun beautiful scenery Lake Qingyunshan according to Qingyun tight, matched landscape, Huguangshanse, Anqiu become the city's ecological landscape garden a beautiful landscape. The park is rich in folk customs performances, colorful activities for the Performing Arts. Ethnic songs and dances, local operas, such as exotic dancing performances, worship Matsu, Taiwan (Gaoshan) Min-Min Display, perform, such as customs red lovers, sea lions, crocodiles, peacocks, Wren songs such as animal shows, watch the swans, egrets, kingfishers, cormorants, and other wild animals, swimming, sunbathing, boating, motor boats, water paragliding, water Bicycle, boat, fishing, and other fitness entertainment, giving the tourists away. Taiwan customs zone in the area are the main island and the Deputy Island, form the main island like Taiwan Island, and Alishan in the light of the landscape was decorated layout, built in Sun Moon Lake View Pavilion on the Taiwan residents, regardless Gaoshan fish statue , Temples, "the success of" ancient warship, water stage, the cruise terminal, and other attractions 8. Local transplant Trees, trees, landscape planting and greening the waterfront and medicinal plants, with Taiwan's customs, as well as folk song and dance performances, people enjoy the late philosopher and the holy sites in the perfect combination of natural beauty; in memory of Zheng Chenggong recover Taiwan built " The success of "antique ships, so that people felt was a national hero when the recovery of Taiwan Song of the heroic feat may be weeping. Vice Island Russia has 14 cabins, so that visitors accommodation, leisure, entertainment and an ideal venue for visitors to the dedication of the Russian romantic atmosphere. Beautiful and comfortable boat will take you to enjoy the charming island customs, gave you a happy and stimulated. Botanical Garden is a Scientific research, ecology, tourism, entertainment, leisure, manufacturing, and other functions of the integrated landscape. The park is divided into 18 categories of special eco-park, old and valuable trees are planted, and plants. Qiaoguan plant in the park, needle and broad, white flowers, grass lawn, there are mixed addressed to the garden to watch the best of the arts Fruit. Bonsai Garden is one of the park's "Garden of Gardens", combined with the modern style of landscape architecture mainly emphasize realism and romanticism using a combination of means of artistic expression, concentrated essence of human nature and reach of man and nature Harmonious unity. Bridges in the park, Xiuzhu stones, calligraphy and painting landscapes, food Wins, exotic flowers and trees, Chaziyanhong, which will let visitors walk through the physical and mental pleasure. The Golden Sands rely on the original topography, local conditions, in Joe Green, irrigation, grass and Botanical Gardens phase, the use of high-quality Wenhe fine yellow sand to create a "clear water, blue sky, golden beaches," the casual atmosphere of summer. The unique style Services for visitors shower room, dressing, tea parties, such as take-away service. At the same time, set up swimming, sunbathing, sand therapy, beach volleyball, and other items. Livistona waterfront area near there, Araucaria, and other plants in the South and the setting up of man-made part of the South Coast species: coconut, betel leave, the beautiful beaches of Lake give the visitors a pleasant Country scenery. Ecological covers an area of 4,000 acres of wetlands with a total length of 3,800 meters, in the maintenance of the plants on the basis of the combination of Wan Tong Gate, the slight adjustment of the terrain, Metasequoia configuration, bamboo, Liu, the Netherlands, Po, such as hi-wei water plant To form a large area of wetland ecological good for the swans, egrets, Tsui , And birds such as ducks, fish paradise. Tourism and construction are terminal, with bamboo, wooden, boat raft through, the rippling blue waves, and improved the ecological environment, but also for sightseeing tourists. Shore-based fish farms, water park and other projects, with local flavor characteristics of the snacks, tourists sightseeing in the body at the same time Fishing family life.

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