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Camel Hill - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Camel Hill is located in the southwest Qingzhou Cheng, the town 6 km, the main peak of 408 meters above sea level, as one of the eight ancient Qingzhou, known as the "camel Ridge Away." It stretches several city, on top of confrontation between the two peaks, looked in the distance, really a bit like the camel Wozhao miles! Tak Ming Dynasty years, Bingbushangshu Guanju, Prince Edward Taibao the people Mr Qiao Yu Paper "Camel Hill," two characters, inscribed in front of the Shek Pik, still looms in the head. The word alone, visitors will feel the extraordinary momentum Hill camel!

In fact, the camel was eye-catching Hill, Seoul ya famous, not only because of its steep peaks, ancient pines and cypresses, as well as Hwan and the "Ladder" and, more importantly, there are a large number of caves and statues, "Haotian Palace" and other high value of cultural relics. Now it is a provincial-level key protection units.

  Piedmont, towering cliffs space, lofty cliffs, summer and fall seasons are often filled clouds, the famous Camel Hill Cliff group of statues in the grottoes Lane. Between the cliff side by side with the five caves and a Cliff, a total of 638 small statues. The largest are as high as 7 meters, the smallest in less than ten centimeters. These sizes of stone, sculpture skilled, lively and beautiful style. According to experts, which as early as the birth of the Northern Dynasties in the latter part of the Northern Zhou Dynasty and later Etched in the Tang Dynasty in China's ancient statues of treasures. These statues, not only can be found in the Shandong Peninsula Buddhism spread of history at the same time, is also a very good access to the arts. You see, in the second cave that wear like a Buddha statue are carved with complicated patterns and the GAO Guan Aquarius, there are two sides of crown Gone with the Wind Sag; Lianzhu neck, wearing a necklace, Luo Ying from the minor has been left shoulder down to the legs, dress in drag, in order to give generous simple, realistic image of a sense of a distinctive feature of the Sui Dynasty art statues. Look at the fourth as the Cave of the Buddha, his chest Therocephalia wear a ring-shaped ornaments, slightly bent posture, which is typical of the Early Tang Dynasty statues special .

  The first is the most beautiful caves in the left side of the Buddha statue that arch as the Goddess of Mercy! Her round face, an air of dignified, the first comb-string Law Gao Ji, a horizontal neck, chest there is a very delicate necklace for Luo Ying, a shoulder cape towel down ramp, next to the skin under the dress, just as the water in general, the waist Again Socks to the liver, gauze-like cicada's wings seemed to float gently, pointing, beautiful figure and interjection oblique curve. According to research, the open-made caves in the Wu Tang Chang'an, now has 1200 years of history.

Camel Hill, not far from the grotto, the top of the existing "Haotian Palace," is over The prevalence of traces of Taoism. Haotian Temple, about 150 meters north-south, east, about 100 meters, is a large group of ancient buildings. It is divided into Qibao Court, Yu Huangdian, Xi Lou, and the side hall in a palace Langfang, and other things, for a total of Temple, Church, building, room, such as between more than 50. Yu Huangdian for wood and stone structure, Diaolianghuadong, magnificent momentum Qibao Pavilion line will be double-arch stone-free beam loft-style architecture, unique structure, strong durable. Hospital on the south side, eyes deep pools of Tianquan day. Stands beside the pool with a piece of stone, cut out the Ming Dynasty, Green Island prepared Zhifudusi "Tianquan" two characters.

  Outside the South there are "Milky Way" and "bridges" and " Longchi. "Outside the east gate of a nearby rock," sea-net pool ", clear water bottom, such as flat-out, simply do not see the springs outside the Bay, but the pond is surplus over the four seasons, and how to use JI But also less, and this is more local records recorded? Quot; Qiushui Dragon. " Hill outside Jiadao Cooper, from under the tree Qingshi scattered as the stone bench in the past a few of those pilgrims who worship the mountain is a must here's a short break. Haotian era palace was built in what is now not known, but people from inside and outside that more than 120 stone blocks on the investigation to know that in the Yuan Dynasty over 27 years to repair. Even from this re - You run, there are now 690 years of history.

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