Sunday, January 4, 2009

Northern Navy admirals Department - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Weihai Liu is the most important monuments on the island of the Northern Department of the Navy admirals. 12-year reign of Qing Emperor Guangxu (1887), the establishment of the Northern naval court, and Du Shu located on the island, the study said the Northern Navy Yamen, is the Northern Command's naval authorities. Department admirals Mountain sea, sitting south, to Changyuan Wai, an area of 10,000 square It is an ancient brick buildings. Along the axis of three Jinyuan Luo, points before, during and after the Office of the three. Before the Chamber is in the banquet hall, the Festival Hall in the back. East-West corridor linking Kuayuan asked. In front of the turret around for the big Ming Jin, observation and play music, something that both sides of the Yuan Men. Cornices of the entire building houses paintings, hung Spectacular. Yamen admirals 200 meters outside the south-west is the Navy Ding Ruchang site. Moreover, the island still preserved the old bureau, piers, docks, schools, playgrounds, storage buildings and so on. 20 Guangxu (1894) Sino-Japanese naval battle in the Northern and Japanese naval battle in the Yellow Sea. Ding Ruchang admirals and ship Deng Shichang heroic struggle, the last heroic martyred. Admirals are within the Department of Sino-Japanese naval battle Piyou Heritage Gallery, Ding Ruchang Wax Museum and the martyrs, with China the Sino-Japanese War Museum. 200 meters at the eastern end of the pier, there is a "Sino-Japanese War Museum Battle", to the Museum's electricity, light, sound and other modern means of science and technology, represents a Battle of the soul-stirring scene, only to see domestic.

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