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Sino-Japanese War Battle Memorial Hall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sino-Japanese War Museum opened in 1985, based on the Northern Navy and the Sino-Japanese War as the theme of commemorating the site of the museum, based in Fort Liu 4A level scenic island of the Northern original navy admirals Department. In 1994, China and Japan hundred anniversary of the Sino-Japanese War, Comrade Jiang Zemin at the Sino-Japanese War Museum, wrote the name of the museum. Before the Museum's possession of more than 1,000 historical photos, and the Sino-Japanese War of the Northern navy relics more than 200 pieces of information, the salvage ship more than 300 pieces of cultural relics.
  China Sino-Japanese War of the Sino-Japanese War Memorial Museum is dedicated to the management, conservation agencies, the Northern jurisdiction of the Navy and the history of the Sino-Japanese war relics 28 In January 1988, Liu has been to the island to commemorate Sino-Japanese War of the State Council announced a national key cultural unit. Since the hall, there has been rated as "national outstanding community education base", "national patriotism education base for young people", "100 demonstration bases for patriotic education." Sino-Japanese War Battle Memorial Hall Liu on the island off the East Pier 200 meters, was sentenced to a building, sculpture, painting, video art, and other means of a comprehensive display of moving and tragic history of Sino-Japanese naval battle of large-scale memorial.

  Sino-Japanese naval battle sequence from the memorial hall, into the Northern naval forces, naval college in the Summer Palace, the sea battle on the peninsula, Pyongyang's war, Huang Great sea battle, the fall of Port Arthur Base, Weihai bloody battle, the Office of the end of nine major components, reproduced from the navy into the Northern army annihilated the whole process. Museum to electricity, light, sound, and other modern technology to create the atmosphere, vivid, in which visitors stay, the head heard visions of the Sino-Japanese war and the tragic tragic.

  The whole sea battle Great momentum, looking like each other several weaved impact of the hull, then located in the flagship, will be stranded far from the place, suspended in the sea. 18 meters high main building on the shape of a 15 m high-ranking officers such as the Northern Navy, for most of the domestic figure sculpture.

  At present, the display on display in the Museum of The largest indoor sculpture figures; have the most substantial of the sea landscape oil painting; domestic memorial, museum display, the only collection of a group of large-scale oil painting (Northern portrait masses martyrs), as well as the marks of peace, culture, a large stone " Monument for peace "and so on, the end of the Office of multimedia computers equipped with multi-media equipment inquiry Visitors can query the history of Sino-Japanese War of the integrity of the data.

  Sino-Japanese War Museum Battle improve its tourist facilities, comfortable and satisfied with the visit of the environment, distinctive souvenir shopping places, strict internal management, a full range of quality services, has been national, provincial and municipal named "national patriotism Yu-base "," excellent tourist spots "," provincial Youth Civilization "and" national-level Youth Civilization "," Shandong Tourism consumer unit trust "and other honorary title, Weihai has become one of the major tourist attractions.

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