Sunday, January 4, 2009

Liu Gongmiao - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shi, according to records, Liu Gongmiao built in the Ming Dynasty. 14 years of Qing Emperor Guangxu (1888 AD), Liu in the Northern naval forces into the island, the island's care Zhang Wenxuan Jun Tongling, in order to obtain military and civilian Liu's Liu Mu Hu You, Liu Gongmiao repair funding. Secretary of the Navy of the Qing government Yi Wan Li and Wales, in reviewing the Navy's Northern Instrument Jinmiaokoubai in cotton, the Northern Navy officers and men of the voyage of war or are Koubai pilgrimage to the temple. Britain in 1898 leased Weihai Wei, Liu land on the island and all of Britain to buy houses, forcing residents to move off the island, Liu Gongmiao Suiqian off the island, the temple is no longer keep, but leave a monument containing the "God of the According to people who move outside the temple " Liu Liu Gongmiao the original site of the island still. In order to enrich the human landscape of the island of Liu, Liu Gongmiao in 1994 to build, covers an area of 800 square meters, into the pre-Mountain Gate, about 10 minutes Drum Tower, the last step into the front yard of homes on the eastern side of Hall of title reads "Qiongdaocangsang "Hall of the west side of the title reads," Lau-fong, through the ages ", the two Hall Plastic five-color clay sculpture group, described Liu Liu and Liu Mu miracle island two thousand years of history changes. Hanging in the main hall, "the light of the sea" important, Liu Liumuzuoxiang plastic, plastic on both sides of the two-meter high wind, rain, Ray, flash, clairvoyance, the wind ears, is that evil statues 8. Content fully reflects the spirit of the island and folk customs. Liu Kung Temple is the understanding of the origin of the name of the island's history and attractions, Liu is also planning the development of the island's first construction project. Liu Gongmiao to build, tourists come here especially, an endless stream. Admission: 10 yuan

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