Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sorai Hill - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sorai mountain, located in Tai'an City and the city of Xintai the junction of east-west mountain range, 100 Wei Yi, Tai Shan and distant relative, the top 1028 m peak at peace, heavy mountain monuments, of which Taiwan was drying Ying Wen Song of the Department of Confucius , Zhuxi Tianbao for years and Li Chao Fu-hole, Zhang Ming, and other gathering place. Fan Chong-year leadership of the Western Han Dynasty did not Yijun have camped here, when the Qing Nian Army had defeated the Qing. Culai Mountain View Om existing temple and a number of stone stele, which is located in the concept of hidden cents tea stone valley, built in the Ming Dynasty, including the construction of the main six-Tang Yi, Lvzu Temple, and so many others in the vicinity of Shek Pik Inscription literary history. Sorai most famous Cliff Hill, Ling Xiang yellow Sorai Shandong section on the south side of the top young Foshan and Guanghua Temple in the southeast for years, the Northern Qi Dynasty (570 years) by Lishu carved with stone valley as Mount Tai and Zouxian Tieshan famous stone.

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