Sunday, January 4, 2009

Thousands of real-dong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Thousands of real hole at Rongcheng Croucher Mountain northwest of the top cool. Jin Dading years, Wang Chongyang to the East and apprentices, Quan-Zhen Religion in the creation of Taoism. East Wangchu Yi Mou, Yang Yu word on al-dong Wang Chongyang haze Kunyu Mountain Division for the exercise Road Act. Cheng Road, Wang Yuyang hew to the East Hill, live in the light goes inside the cave, continue to study law Road, Li had Quan-Zhen Religion send Kunshan, a doctrine known as "cloud-light" and later, cloud-light an increasing number of visitors, Wang Yuyang over the disturbance, top Chinese and cool this invaluable piece of land, it will only lead people to move here Road, In its North Shek Pik on a hole cut, fine-sounding name of "real hole." Taoism decline of the Ming Dynasty, the rise of Buddhism, Wanli, So far people travel far and wide, see-wide hole really extraordinary scenery, it is now inside the cave Shek Pik on the 1000 Buddha, so "the whole truth hole" will be renamed the "thousands of real-hole" or "Thousand-Buddha Grottoes." Thousands of real-hole to the south, house size, the wall of the numerous statues Keman, who, small surplus of boxing, Diaogong fine shape True, thousands of, life. Buddha sculpture in an orderly manner, the left side of the line nine, eight right side of the line, on both sides of the portal have a large statue of Buddha, is a total of 998. Also 2 North in a hillside known as the "Ladder" on the wall. Legend, the Buddha may be a small refuge misfortunes, the increase in the wisdom and strength.

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