Sunday, January 4, 2009

Longwan old tourist area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Longwan old tourist areas, including the old Longwan, Ye source reservoirs, Lau Fau Shan Hai, suspended Stephen Temple, Hot Spring River, Wind & Fire, and other holes, located in the plains and mountain areas handover, to the southwest mountains to the northeast piedmont alluvial plains and hilly terrain south North high-low four seasons, the annual average temperature of 12.4 � C, to 750 mm of precipitation. Old Bay of the ancient rule of smoked lake, located in the northern Lau Fau Shan Hai, the Department of underground springs Stephen Chung veins from the surface sinks, the water area of 80 acres, the surplus water depth of ten feet, clear bottom, the Four Seasons temperature 18 � C, aquatic birds play in the lake, the shore Surrounded by bamboo. The height of summer heat, cool spring water Ganlie, skin immersion; beginning of winter frost winter, transpiration fog, ancient Left, "Ye source Yanai three Winter," the poem. Longwan old with Stephen Hsu million dollars, the main cast are Stephen Jian Chi, Stephen Wan, Qin pool, good income-chuen, Zhuo Ma, such as Tam. There is also snow-bridge, the monument Chen Zhu, Qing Yi-ting, ting Jiangnan, Shangtianti, Song Festival Pavilion, Xi Lou, and other ancient sites. Jian Chi-chuen, the main cast, a water Shi Kan, Chung if boiling, the Spring and Autumn Period legend Europe has been the rule in this sub-quenching swords. Rock on the southwest side of the pond, Juan "Zhu Jian Chi" Doufang three characters and "Guarding the world of Yin and Yang Jian-ming, a ghost Fuzao open pool of chaos," the poem for the next snow Jiajingnianjian Mino Road, the chic bold font for the ages The calligrapher praise. Ming Feng Wei-Min well-known educator (1511-1578), Yu-word line from the sea, Lau Fau Shan, He Qi Guan the later years, live in Lau Fau Shan Hai River Longwan under the old building, "Jiangnan Pavilion", he has been the subject of "Hong Guizhi" 10, praised here, "the sea three-Xiu Shan, the world vancomycin surprising that the southern see, not fear Jiangnan" ?. Improve the infrastructure of the area, there are 9 hotels and restaurants, which can accommodate 760 people dining, lodging 150. There are a number of car parks and integrated outlets. Accessibility, provincial trunk highways sheep temporary way through this, there are nine temporary road across the road and Wei Ye. Tour all year round good season.

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