Sunday, January 4, 2009

Harbor Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Harbor Park on April 25, 2002 the official opening to the outside world, is the Weihai municipal utilities to attract social capital for the success of the operation of the market to try. The park is located in the bustling urban area with a total area of 43,600 square meters, connected with the harbor terminal pier for access to the port of visitors provided a good Scenic coast. Green Park area of 30,000 square meters, 13,600 square meters on the ground pavement, to build 2,000 square meters of leisure and cultural square of 1700 square meters health field, embankment 300 meters. Park-like natural gardening practices with a view to the performance of the freehand brushwork in the form of large, will seas some of the natural View of the sea, as well as the enrichment of man-made landscape in the park, to the formation of the sea as its theme, showing the charm of the sea, is set to become the leisure, fitness and entertainment in one of the Harbor-style, open park.

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