Sunday, January 4, 2009

Rongcheng Swan Lake Resort - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The world's largest habitat for swans, located at the eastern end of the Shandong Peninsula of Rongcheng Chengshan Wei inside the town, now the provincial tourism resort. Legend of Swan Lake is the Qin Shi Huang's wife from the tears pooling. The water clear, golden beaches, clear water, blue sky, the beautiful scenery. Every year in November to April the following year, 10,000 large swans, a few Only wild ducks, geese traveled from Siberia, Inner Mongolia and other places, to come here in large numbers wintering habitat, as a result of "Swan of the Kingdom of the Orient." And the sea from a lake 100 meters wide, separated by a major barrier to form a 10,000 meters of natural beach and sand beach to. Now this place has built large-scale sea Music companies, large-scale entertainment city, the race track and the high-end hotels such as Hotel. Summer visitors to this summer, enjoy the cool air, seafood, seaweed wash and watch the waves; swans can be seen in winter, snow concept.

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