Sunday, January 4, 2009

Rushan City Yintan Holiday Resort - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Rushan City Yintan Holiday Resort is located in the southeast coastal city of Rushan, Weihai, east, north of Yantai, Qingdao West near the south She Huang Hai, located in Qingdao, Yantai, Weihai three downtown locations, aviation, maritime and land conditions very convenient.

  Resorts in July 1992 to start construction in July 1994, Shandong Provincial People's Government for the tourism resort. Yintan Holiday Resort has a unique tourism resources, is a typical warm temperate maritime climate, with cold winter, not summer heat, the warmth of spring and autumn cool, the average annual temperature of 11.4 degrees Celsius. In a total length of the coastline of 20 km strip of the planning area , Lin Hai Bi, Qi reef beach music, mountain, sea, islands, reefs, beaches, Stephen Lam, he and taste. 20 km stretch of beach, beach-Pohuan, fine sandy soft, white as silver, "Silver Beach" and thus got its name.

  The natural landscape, rich cultural, Pearl Bay, Silver Bay, the island home Palace and third concept Pavilion Fairy bridge, Suo-Long Shi, Gushan stack, the monks holes, such as Lin million for the Yintan credit to the luster. Yintan Holiday Resort complete infrastructure facilities, has invested 300,000,000 yuan for infrastructure construction has been the realization of the "five-a-ping." 46 km of existing roads in the region, the formation of the two vertical cross-six of the road network in the region, Located 45 km pipeline in the region reached 10,000 cubic meters daily water supply, electricity supply lines to set up 43 kilometers, construction of a 35,000-volt substations, communications facilities, open international and domestic program-controlled telephones, mobile phones and phone cards.

  Yintan Holiday Resort in the development and construction, always insist on high Quasi, a high starting point. Planning control of the entire resort area of 65 square kilometers, 8.5 square km area of planning, starting area 0.8 square kilometers, the total length of 20 km East-West, North and South average width of 3.25 km. To the present, the zone has approved more than 100 development projects, a total contractual investment of 1.5 billion people Currency, the actual investment of 500,000,000 yuan, with a total construction area of 200,000 square meters, built in the region of 15 independent tourist resorts and a dozen or so units in high-grade hotels have been built in various types of high-end villa more than 400 houses, home and abroad to silver Beach inspection of the investment business stream, so that the Yintan Holiday Resort has become increasingly brigade , Vacation, leisure resorts, known as "the best in the world beach", "Oriental Hawaii."

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