Sunday, January 4, 2009

Liu Island National Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

It is a famous, natural scenery and cultural landscape in one state-level forest park. Here in the park are the Northern Navy monument, flag-top Fort Hill, Fort monument Here, after the Fort, like Liu, a zoo, like Liu, Shek Wu Hua, Kikunami cliff, Liu Quan, cypress three brothers, Shi Hua Yu, Jiang board Stone, Tony grass mouth, Fort Island 15, and other scenic spots and natural attractions attractions. Wild deer can be seen everywhere, there are all kinds of beasts more than 30 kinds of birds. Verdant trees in the park, Yamahana brilliant, towering old trees, the forest coverage rate of 85%, more than 60 kinds of trees growing race here. On the main peak, the panoramic scenery of the island, Huangrugeshi heart Shen Yi, history has given to visitors, "ten must dust", "Dong Tian is here to" reputation. Admission: 10 yuan, the top flag Fort Hill paying 8. Liu Gongmiao - Flag Hill cable from the top 25 yuan (ropeway to buy votes in big ticket-free 10)

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