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China Sino-Japanese War Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Museum from 1985 until now received more than 110 countries close to the tens of millions of viewers, including more than 90 Party and state leaders. In 1994, China and Japan hundred anniversary of the Sino-Japanese War, Comrade Jiang Zemin at the Sino-Japanese War Museum, wrote the name of the museum. The museum is now open to visit scenic spots there are admirals Department, the Long Temple, Ding Ruchang home, the Northern officers and men of the Navy Memorial, the naval college, East Fort-hong, the hall after the Fort, Fort Hill top of the flag, with a total area of more than 100,000 square meters. At present, the Museum's possession of more than 1,000 historical photos, and the Sino-Japanese War of the Northern navy relics more than 200 pieces of information, the salvage ship more than 300 pieces of cultural relics China Sino-Japanese War of the Sino-Japanese War Memorial Museum is dedicated to the management, conservation agencies, the Northern jurisdiction of the Navy and the history of the Sino-Japanese war relics 28. In January 1988, Liu has been to the island to commemorate Sino-Japanese War of the State Council announced a national key cultural unit. Museum to a wealth of historical sites and features fresh Audio-visual display, attracting the majority of the audience at home and abroad. Since the hall, there has been rated as "national outstanding community education base", "national patriotism education base for young people", "100 demonstration bases for patriotic education." China Sino-Japanese War Museum with its unique audio-visual display, later to become their Old haunt Sino-Japanese War, patriotic officers and men of the Burmese King, bearing in mind the lessons of history, to accept an important place for patriotic education. Millions of viewers learn the power of the spirit of patriotism, have had a huge social benefits.

  Liu on the island of the Northern Navy admirals Department of Weihai is one of the important monuments 12-year reign of Qing Emperor Guangxu (1887), the establishment of the Northern naval court, and Du Shu located on the island, the study said the Northern Navy Yamen, is the Northern Command's naval authorities.

Department admirals Mountain sea, sitting south, to Changyuan Wai, an area of 10,000 square meters, is an ancient brick buildings. Along There are three Jinyuan La axis, points before, during and after the Office of the three. Before the Chamber is in the banquet hall, the Festival Hall in the back. East-West corridor linking Kuayuan asked. In front of the turret around for the big Ming Jin, observation and play music, something that both sides of the Yuan Men. The entire building cornices painting houses, magnificent. Yamen admirals 200 meters outside the south-west Navy Ding Ruchang home. Qing Emperor Guangxu 20 (1894) Sino-Japanese naval battle in the Northern and Japanese naval battle in the Yellow Sea. Captain Deng Shichang Ding Ruchang admirals and heroic struggle, the last heroic martyred.

China is now the Department of admirals into the Sino-Japanese War Museum by the CPC Central Committee General Secretary and State I Comrade Jiang Zemin wrote the name Museum. The museum is also responsible for the management and protection of the Dragon Temple, the naval college, the Northern officers and men of the Navy Memorial 28, and so on the former site of the Northern Navy. In 1988 the State Council was announced as the national key cultural unit, and was named "national demonstration bases for patriotism education." National Museum of Cultural Heritage, the Communist Youth League Central, six national ministries, the Central Propaganda Department were named as the "national outstanding community education base" and "national youth education base", "national patriotism education bases in primary and secondary schools", "national patriotism education The base model. "

Museum Collection in a large number of precious cultural relics, the seabed of the two giant water guns, each weighing more than 20 tons, the world only. Through artifacts, photographs, wax, sand table, in the form of exhibitions, and other models and video means, vividly recreates the time the Navy and the Northern face of the history of Sino-Japanese War. Is launching a display of 22, indoor Chen Display area of 5000 square meters, opening up 6 spots to visit the area more than 60,000 square meters. The library opened all the year round, not closed at noon, the service of civilization, and on the cycle, and guided visits.

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