Sunday, January 4, 2009

Admirals Department - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Liu island to the east of the city of Weihai in the sea about 4 kilometers. Weihai port of the Central recline, and the city of Weihai are dependent on one another to form a natural barrier to well-known city of Haiphong. Hill negative sea, sitting south, to Wai Changyuan, covering an area of 10,000 square meters. Along the axis built into the three halls. There are three things Kuayuan there promenade-performance, all-style Qing Wood brick structure. Yashu on both sides of the door, there are two Laoting, things Zhili. Department admirals in the northwest 200 meters there is the Northern Navy Ding Ruchang the site, formerly known as the Dinggong House. West House is the former site of the naval college, the existing east and west Yuan Men, and the battlement wall of the stage. Western naval school try dock is outside the cadres for the repair of ships Southeast iron ship terminal, when the Northern Fleet naval ships nearly 50, that is parked here. The building now houses the Department of admirals Sino-Japanese War naval relics showroom, are on display at the Northern Fleet naval ships to pursue on the scene and will be far, the second Chen-yuan and Ding Ruchang majestic ship, the portrait of Deng Shichang, such as photographs and other information related to in-kind.

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